Good Day

Today I had to get my car an emissions test in order to renew my license plates. I drove the 40 km to where our son works as he is the parts manager and all was completed in about an hour. No other problems. A good Day. I had a little shopping to do that can't be done in our small community so completed that in about an hour. Oh, and Jim is in day care program today so had spare time left. I decided to drop into the casino as don't get the chance to do this. Low and behold I was there 20 min. and won $5,193.82. What a great day. Took my money and came home in a great mood. Jim will sleep through the night and I fell uplifted having indulged myself. Ready to carry on again.

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  • Yippee kyay (or however we westerners say that:) Congrats! What did you win it on...I don't gamble much but I'll pull a handle or two. most I ever won is 300+? where do they gamble in the UK?

  • Actually I am in Ontario, Canada. Penny slots.

  • Penny slots? no doubt ....please tell me you did not get paid in kind? hahhah

  • NO but when they said cash or cheque I had a ah ah ah ah I don't know moment!!!! LOL. Took cheque and ran to the bank. I only wish Jim could enjoy it as well. I know he knows but it isn't there. God for some normality. It will pay for his respite for 2 weeks in the best placem in town though and that makes me happy. He definitely needs a break from me. LOL.

  • hahahahahaha what a fun moment you had cash or cheque ? And a 2 week 'holiday'? I think God did just give you some normality!!!!even a blessing!!!hahahha


  • Congratulations on a wonderful day!!!

  • You might get two of these! I posted a few minutes ago but it did not show up. Anyway, congratulations on your wonderful day!!!

  • Wow! I hope you can spend the money on something nice for you.


  • Congrats to you! What great news!

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