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Hospice day

Brian had his first day at the hospice today and I am shattered. Got him ready and the taxi dropped us off for ten. As it was his first day I went in with him for an hour to fill in the paperwork and see him settled. Then I thought I would have a look round the shops and have lunch out. Was so good to wander round the shops without pushing a chair or rushing because of time limit. But I never realised there was so many shops that I wanted to have a look round. Had fun. Janexx

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Glad all went ok today. It must be nice to have a bit of me time that's thoughraly deserved. Mum is on permanent bed rest at the mo trying to get bed sore healed. Needing lots of protein for good recovery but food intake not helping. Take care x


Why not ask the gp if she can have some pro-cal shot. Each 30ml has got 2g of protein and 100 cals. Brian has 120ml over the course of a day. We got ours through the dietician and we add it in his complan. Am sure if you explained to gp he would prescribe it for her. Just make sure if he does prescribe it that you get a few bottles because each bottle will only do a couple of days. Good luck Janexx


Hi Jzygirl

My husband and I went to an hospice today to have an assessment and have a look round! We ended up staying for lunch.......I am going to take my husband back next week and maybe leave him to see if he likes it there .(not for good)....not sure if he will.I suppose it would be nice to have some time to myself but we will have to see how it goes!

Everyone was so nice there .........

Den x


hi den

the hospice i go to for day care is great - all the staff volunteer wand patients are lovely people and they really car efor you in a good way I cannot praise them highly enough




Its great, isn't it ? Chris goes once a week. He loves it. They are lovely there, so supportive and I enjoy feeling free to walk quickly! I usually go for a lunch with a friend and catch up. Jean


I enjoyed just haveing time to browse and walk through the racks of clothes without the tussle of making sure that I haven't got a pair of knickers hooked on Brians head and that sexy bra caught on his bent up arm or people tutting because I've stopped to look at a jumper for him and we've blocked the space where they want to be.

The staff were wonderful with him nothing was to much trouble for them and they thought he was so nice because he apologised for being mucky when they changed his pad and when they had finished he said thank you. Even with all he is going through he still got his manners. Janexx


So glad you had a good time it feels good to be able to just think about yourself for once Yvonne x


That sounds exactly what you needed Jane! And being able to look around the shops properly and not stressing about all those other factors must have been lovely. Mum goes to a day centre, but like a bingo club and lunch for pensioners so not health specific but those few hours are a chance to sleep or do housework or go for coffee. I'm ashamed to admit when mum told me a few minutes ago she didn't want to go today I felt quite disappointed! We need these times to be ourselves


Hi, just put S into his ride to the Hospice. Isn't it lovely, a few very precious hours with no worries. Just to be able to breathe, go to the loo! Did go shopping last week! Poor credit card took a real pounding, the freedom went to my head!!!

Any doubters out there, honestly, they are brilliant! The staff are so caring, S loves the fuss that is made of him, don't know if it's him, or because he has a different problem to the rest! One thing they are NOT, is a waiting room! If you are just visiting or dropping off or collecting, it can look a bit like that, but S doesn't do half what they offer during the day! Last week he forgot to go to the mediation session, which he loves, ( surprised me!) because he was doing something else.

Every time I pick him up, I am always asked how I am, if there any problems that they can help with.

Today? I'm off to bed for an hour, bad night last night! Next week already planned, off to spend the day at a spa with a friend. The ability to plan something for yourself, is intoxicating!!! Don't feel guilty either, because he is the one that is going out!!!

Lots of love



Reading the responses made me recognise another benefit of the hospice. Chris has always been a charmer, courteous and fun. There he smiles and appreciates all they do. They listen patiently and give him time [ many volunteers ] so they think he is lovely and joke with him. Its given us both a reminder of the person he was / is. Perhaps the rest of us watch him sadly. They just know him how he is and thats enough. Makes me think.

He's still in bed at present as he fell in the night and hurt his head and shin. A lot for us to balance as carers ? Jean


Well, I dropped Roy off at the Hospice, Tuesday just gone and It felt just what it was like when I dropped my children off at school for the first time!

I went to Bluewater which was only about ten minutes from the Hospice and spent the first hour, looking at my watch and hoping Roy was ok.Then I spent the next 2 or so hours browsing.

I spent ages in a coffee shop, just sitting...and drinking coffee!

I picked Roy up half an hour early and he said that his day was that means both our days were ok and we might do it again next week!!

love to all

D. X


Glad you ended up enjoying your free time. The more he goes the more relaxed you will be about it. This Tuesday I went further away and as much as I kept an eye on the time I was more relaxed and Brian enjoyed it better. Where about do you live it sounds like you are Dartford way. We origanly come from Kent last place we lived was culverstone. Jane x


Hi Jane,

We live in Higham which is not far from Rochester.have only lived here for a year now, used to live on the A 20 side in Aylesford, Kent. The Hospice in Northfleet so not far from Bluewater.

Probably do something different next week...catch up with girlfriends or swimming.I don't get to do so much exercise these days, although pushing a wheelchair isn't easy!

Where are you?

D x


I was born in northfleet just round the corner from the hospice. We are just 5 mins outside Clacton on sea Essex. All our family still live in Kent. Jane xx


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