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A good day

Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted for a while but thought I would share this good day with you. Its Mum and Dads 36th Wedding Anniversary today. Mum thought Dad had forgotten but when I got him up this morning he asked me to go and get her some flowers and a card. He’s written the card by himself, even though it took him 10 minutes! I don’t think I’ve ever loved him quite as much as I do today.

I know that PSP takes things away from us that most people can’t understand, but today I have been reminded that the one thing it hasn’t taken from Dad is love.

Thinking of you all,

Amy T xxx

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Hi AmyT

Congratulations to your parents on their wedding anniversary! Great that your dad was still able to write his own card to your mum. Sadly my hubby is now unable to write due to his bad tremor, but I cherish the Christmas card he gave me last year which he had managed to write himself. Hardly legible but so special to me.

They are very lucky to have such a loving daughter and I send you good luck and best wishes wishes for your future journey with this terrible illness.

Love to you all and God Bless.

Take care...................SuzieQ xxx


Hi Amy

Your post made me cry. I so understand your love for your dad.

Its heart breaking to see them take so long to do things but your mum must have been so pleased with her card, written in his hand, sent with all his love. The card will be something you will cherish along with your memory of him doing this and the feeling you have expressed for him so clearly today.

My best wishes to your mum and dad on their anniversary I hope they had a lovely day.

My love to you also. Take care of yourself.

Lesley x



Gosh that made me cry too!! Unfortunatley my dad passed away in January from PSP and it was my mum & dads wedding anniversary last week so a very sad day for my mum.

I hope they enjoy many more!

Take care of all of you

Jules x


Yes, more tears over here. How wonderful that your Dad was able to do that, and how wonderful for you all to know that he's still in there, still himself, even when he can't always express it.

Hugs to you and yours

Fiona x


Hi Amy,

I'm so glad you were able to share such a special day with your Mum and Dad. :-)

Treasure those special times and I hope there are many more of them

love and hugs

Kathy x


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