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Happy 4th of July

I know most of you are not from the US but here's a few facts and a joke or two about our day of independence....

*John Hancock was the only person to actually sign the Declaration of Independence from England on this day, July 4th, in 1776. Most signed on August 2 and many not even in 1776!

* Fourth of July was not declared a holiday until 1941!

*Why were the first Americans much like ants?....they both lived in colonies......

To everyone anywhere Have a good day,stay strong, laugh when you can , cry when you must , and pay good, forward


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Thanks and a wonderful day to you too!


that is another example of why we do things....because everyone else does it....a pretty weak reason ,we live more of our lives based on Hollywood movies and hearsay, as your information on the constitution , rather than the real reason for being here and working on the fact that this is only a voyage and not a destination...a daily life that we as caregivers understand ,I would say ,more than most,

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Whew you got deeper than I did! But I agree. There's a song we sing, "This World Is Not My Home" It makes me feel so happy that death is not the end it's just part of the voyage......I like that...



Thanks for those facts. I hope you enjoyed the celebrations.



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