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HI All

I wrote a blog yesterday and losd it b4 it was published

BUTi just wnat to say that ove rthe lst 12 monthsp)(SINCE DIAGNOSIS)I have mET tsome great/ wonderful people on this site and lOCALLYand have not had ot deal with this aloen

and i am still here alive and kicking (sometimes from the floor!)

but i really wnat ot send my wishes 2 ALL who have lost a partner/ parent /siblign from this PSP

- I am stll unsure what the future will be but i really hope the holiday period( like maggie h) says is a time when we can raise our glasses or whatever to the loved ones who are no longer with us and remember them in a good way

Lolve jill


ps i shall be blogging over the xmas period as my partner is off to a footy match on Boxing day!!

AND the local rugby league starts up mid January!

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hi jillann,

how you doing ok i hope havent been on much lately i hope

your keeping as well as you can , i think we are all unsure what

the future holds but we keep fighting it as best as we can i would

also like to wish you and every other member of the psp assocition

a very happy christmas and a happy new year and all the best

for the future what ever it may hold,

best wishers


hi ray

i was wondering why you had nto obeen bllogging lately

r u ok?

take care and keep smiling

love jill

hi jillann,

hope your well i havent been blogging much

lately as ive been feeling like shit to be honest

the doctors have changed my meds and it made me

feel bad, i couldnt type on the laptop i couldnt stop

shakeing and my guts are giveing me a lot of jip too

so im hopeing that everything will settle down in the

new year we can only hope you have a great xmas

and a happy new year,

luv ray xx

Hi Ray

jaus tlso tmy reply to u

and no strength to do i tall again

BUT I am sorry you r meds have been changed::any reason why as apart form the stomach probels you werde doing well

stay fighting and try and enjoy the New year

i have been in tears a lot with my falling - and people say i should bring my appt fwd iwith the consultant

but there is so much else 2 think about-like NOT fallllign and concentraitng on doing 1 thing at a time

love 2 you and your family



Hi Jillann,

I am not sure you realise how much of an inspiration you are to all of us here on PSP Healthunlocked. I wish you, your partner and all those suffering from PSB/CBD and their carers the best of Christmas's and a happy 2012.

God bless you!


jillannf6 in reply to hmfsli

Hi H

thanks for that

i am only expressing my thoughts on the site = easier to do than to ptu into practice i knpw!

and how to deal with this dreaded PSP

and i diid ntot want to offend the non= Christians but it is a tIme for holdiay /resting up and gettign ready for a neW year

love jill

Hi Jill

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your partner a very happy Christmas and a more "upright" 2012!!! Hope the falls don't cause you any serious injuries. Tony is falling more these days too but I'm usually on hand to help get him upright again, albeit with somewhat of a struggle as I am only 5ft 2" and he is nearly 6ft!!

Anyway, it's great you are still using the computer and always interesting to read your blogs.

Have a good Christmas and I hope the move into your new home in the New Year will go smoothly.

Warmest wishes for Christmas and the forthcoming year.

Love....................SuzieQ xx

Hi Jill

Thank you for the good messages, it is wonderful to see how you cope with the PSP and still come out fighting, which helps to raise the spirits of us all. Take care over Christmas and have a peaceful joyful time

x Kay ?

hi all

thanks 4yoru messages

i have been falling 2 much and shall try to concentrate on 1 thing at a time

Like npt carryng anythign whenn i am walkign about

etc etc

it is getting near 2 xmas day and we hav the goose in the fridge (but nothing else prepared)_

so enjoy

and love


ps red wine and chocs are good for the constipation for me anyway!

Hi Jill,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!! Your blog post is lovely.

Keep smiling!! :-)

Hannah xxx

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