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Mirror on the table!

I'm so excited everyone, B is able to see his meals again! Finoni mentioned using a mirror to reflect the image of the patients plate to their gaze path. It works! I bought a small vanity mirror at the 2d hand store , replaced the glass to a larger size and and now, with practice doing things backward, B will be able to see his dinner. I am so happy. What a simple idea. I would have never 'thunk' it had it not been for this site...well Finoni... we are all here together for the same purpose.... to help each other in whatever way we can so thank you Finoni and everyone . My joy meter has gone way up since meeting you all :)

Dinner at the table

What is it tonight

With my handy mirror

I have regained my sight

dinner at the table

I can see that my wife cooked again

oh well I will eat anyway

after quiet prayer

and a hardy amen!



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That's brilliant. I wish I had found this out earlier. Unfortunately my hubby rarely opens his eyes now so it's too late for him. I suppose it works a bit like the prism glasses but not so heavy on the nose. I love the little poem.

Long may your excitement last. We all need a bit of that.



Yes my husband has difficulty keeping eyes open one seems to be drooping more than the other....they talk about operation to shorten the muscle in the lid or botox.....I don't know.... in america when something needs fixed we sarcastically AND humorously claim, "Just tape it" Obviously that is not a solution to anything other than parcels or gifts so hopefully one sees the humor in the reality of little being able to be done.

AVB ;)


Long may it keep working! Love the poem.


I asked my husband to look at the TV today , he told me I am what r u on about .

his nose is nearly on his chest .

I said wher is it then . He pointed to the floor . He can see the lights flashing on the Virgin and broad band box which is low down on bottom shelf . So any idea for watching the TV .. Ther than laying it flat on the floor .

Even when I am feeding him his is looking into his lap and trying to pick up food off the plate that's not there .


My husbands eye gaze floats upward. he too has to direct his head downward....I don't know that it helps him to see the object infact what does seem to work is to place the object high on his horizon. Things such as pictures, large words and moveable objects I lift up to his gaze path. I bought him a tv for birthday and my son installed it on the wall AFTER we asked B where he could comfortably view it. Its way up high, mid point at about 5 ft. (or about 1.5 meters) and he can see the full picture!

You might try to find his gaze path. And as we just discovered use a small standing mirror for him to see his food with ! I hope this makes sense...I am learning as we go how to help him. So If you come with a good idea, let me know!!



Sounds like a great idea but do you put the mirror flat on the table or hold it up to see your food !? Mum struggles to aim for her food and has lost use of her right arm so I might have to fashion some sort of wing mirror extension type thing !


Its a small standing mirror like a 4x 6 or 6x8 inch vanity mirror. O---[ if you turn your head sideways to the left, these icons make sort of what I am talking about. You can also google small vanity mirrors. Your mum cna turn the mirror easily and it will stay in that position as long as the table isn't shaken. Try it . My husband is finding this to be so much better than searching for food not there.or losing it on the way up to his mouth!

Also, If you do want to try this, I encourage you to check 2d hand and thrift stores for inexpensive mirrors. Good luck



That is fantastic. Well done

Regards BPGail


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