Sunset In Lyme Regis

Sunset In Lyme  Regis

Yesterday I took my wife down to Lyme Regis which is small fishing town and holiday resort on the Dorset coast. It's only 40 minutes away from us and we have spent many a happy family holiday there. In the winter months the town goes into hibernation - shutters up on shops and ice-cream parlours- buckets and spades hidden away for another season . The wonderful old stone harbour or Cobb as it is a called , empty of all but a few fishing boats lying forlornly on their sides waiting for the incoming tide .The only sound to be heard on the seafront is the swish of the silver surf breaking gently onto the pebbles . Along the promenade the blind windows of empty holiday cottages gaze out over an equally empty seascape perhaps dreaming of the returning families who return year after year to fill the rooms with laughter and tears and memories .Each year the children getting a little older until they in turn bring their own children back to enjoy their own experiences . In the summer the beach is alive with activity and if the cry "Mum " is heard then a dozen or so mums will rise up from their prone position like so many meercats protecting their young .But today the beach is deserted , the only inhabitants gulls pecking their desultory way through the shallows .I push eastwards along the promenade until we come to a vantage point where we can see the cliffs of the Jurassic coast standing proud against the winter sky -Black Venn with its sinister black face concealing fossils yet to found and Golden Cap living up to its name as it catches at its peak the beginnings of a sunset. I turn and push back towards the town and there is the most spectacular sunset. Amidst all the outpourings of pain and distress I hope this can give you as much pleasure even for a moment as it did to me and to Veronica ,at least I think it gave her pleasure but you can never be sure can you ?

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  • That is so beautiful, I can so relate to your beautiful words, in fact , it is very much what I could say, wonderful memories, beautiful memories, thank you for sharing your lovely photo and memories xx

  • I'm sure it did and it brought back happy memories for me as well as we holidayed near there on several occasions with our 3 sons and always payed a visit to Lyme Regis when we were nearby. What a wonderful gift you have of bringing to life a situation or view. Another one for you to print off for your journal and read in years to come.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories, very good bedtime reading.


  • Beautiful Georgepa. I was brought up a few miles down the road at West Bay! Have had a yearning to go back for sometime, but everytime I try and do something, everywhere is booked up. Perhaps now is good.. Hate it, when lots of others are in MY place!!!

    Lots if love


  • Goodnight all, thank you for being such wonderful friends xxx

  • Oh that gave me such a sweet dose of peace, Georgepa. Thank you. It will help me sleep tonight.

  • Thank you Georgepa My parents retired to Beer so Lyme Regis and going the other way Sidmouth were favourites for a trip out for the grandchildren,especially in winter

    Yesterday the local hospital found a bed for Des who is very wobbly with an infection he has fallen so many times since Christmas I have lost count.Hopefully the physios will get his legs to take his weight again and I can take him out to see a sunset though he tends to only look down.

    Yesterday we had Des's brother and 3 sisters in law call when the hospital phoned so I had help to get him there.I popped back in the evening and he was watching egg heads so normal routine for him and a chance for me to get things done here.

    One siser in law lost her husband just before Christmas with cancer and talking to her I realise I spend too much time looking after his body and not his mind, must try harder!

    T hanks again for the sunset,I could also see huge waves crashing in Sidmouth on a cold winters day,lovely beautiful memories.P x

  • Hi, I had a lesson this week about not paying enough attention to the mind, been too busy trying to keep S off the floor and to the loo in time, to even ask if there was something wrong. Penny finally dropped and now dealing the causes, instead of the results!

    Remember guys, even people with PSP have other worries. We are all so bogged down with today's little challenges, that we never even think, that there are others things going on around us that could be affecting our loved ones!

    Lots of love


  • My husband is now in the local hospital and I am having it easy. Des is being given all his drinks with thickener added I must say they look disgusting I have taken in pineapple/coconut cartons which he loves but they won't let him have them not thickened but they do start off thick,he at home drinks cloudy apple juice as well but also they should be thickened.I fear he will become dehydrated I understand they fear him choking or getting fluids on the lung.So difficult to steer a coarse between safe and something you want to consume.Quality of life is so important and food and drink are the two pleasures left for now.I am trying to get my health problems sorted as well while he is away,but bed shortages are pretty universal .I am determined not to moan anymore!

    Good luck to us all! px

  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us, you write so eloquently I felt like I was there.

  • Thank you, I sometimes forget how blessed I am to live down here and to be so well

  • It gave me a lot of pleasure George pa.

  • a lovely post,


  • How beautiful to read your words and the picture is lovely. I really love to see pictures like these as we did travel to Ireland and England from here in Australia a couple of years ago. Now travel is out of the question, but at least we have been. I must take John out to the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland for day trip while this is still possible. It is our 44th wedding anniversary on the 30th Jan. I will speak to our son and daughter about it. I really enjoyed your words Georgepa Kathleen


  • Thank you so much for sharing Georgepa. Even though I'm sitting crying as I read this, they are tears of happiness as I remember the lovely short family breaks we had with Mum before she became too frail to go away. The memories are tinged with sadness though as, like you, we couldn't tell if Mum was enjoying herself. All any of us can do is our best, in the hope that we are doing the right thing.

    I would urge everyone to make the most of days out/breaks away while you are able, to store up good memories for the future.

    Thinking of you all xx

  • Here! Here!

    Lots of love


  • Just beautiful.... I used to live in the UK, my dad visited me there several times (not Lyme Regis, we were Up North). We went looking for fossils when the kids were just toddlers, staying in a Butlins in Minehead... this makes me want to go back, especially the shore... And yes, I am definitely sure your wife enjoyed being there. Just to be 'out and about', away from the four walls and not being able to do much anymore... to breathe fresh air, hear the waves crashing, the gulls... and remembering all the good times you both had there. Thank you for the lovely photograph and sharing your story. You have a knack for writing - I loved the meercats bit, my daughter is 18 but when I'm in a supermarket and I hear 'mummy!' I still look round lol! Take care xx

  • Lovely photo thanks for sharing Marytea13

  • I have the very same photograph of sunsets in Lyme.....beautiful...... thank you for sharing brings back such fond memories of our life before!

    Denise x

  • Just re-read this post, awake here in the middle of the night, and it was as lovely and soothing as it was 8 months ago. (Where has the time gone?) Thanks, George, for the beauty, both words and picture. Best, ec

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