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Hi all in particular those from Australia - I am getting pain in both hands but mostly right one - is this part of PSP? or is it maybe arthritis? I am using several creams that help - I have been trying to walk around a park & wear bike gloves to help my hands - the walk is good for me as the area is all flat + people the have their dogs with them & I talk to many of them - so much better that the Parkinson physiotherapy class that did nothing for me - I got my husband to go with me to that class & he decided this park would be better for me. Lots of rain here in Perth W A but we need it - played Bridge yesterday - no rain yesterday but looks like rain to day so may not be able to walk.look forward to chatting Mary

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your trouble, Marytea. I sympathize! I didn't know until last year how much pain could originate in my hands. I fell and injured my shoulder and one hand, and for months after the surgery on my shoulder the hand was terrible. I used pain patches, over the counter things that give the illusion of heat, and they helped some, and wore a wool glove some nights. One of my friends was given a paraffin treatment by his physical therapist when he had a painful hand injury and he felt it soothed the pain well. There are kits you can get to do that at home; often sold as a beauty aid. I envy you the bridge. I don't know anyone here who plays. Love and peace, EC

  • Sorry to read of your pain eastern cedar I'll have a look for some of those treatments. shoulders can be difficult to heal so hope u get relief. We have got a new respiratory specialist to go to in August - both husband + self have asthma but beautiful sunny weather here at present. my best personal carer left on Monday to go for hols to USA I hope she enjoys herself . I got lesson in bridge & keep playing on Mondays don't do well but not last! Cheers Mary

  • HI EC Mary tea here still battling on -saw another neurologist last week not impressed but I got what I wanted - another MRI so comparision can be made with now. My GPs keep changing moving to other practices further out in Perth.

  • Hi, Mary tea. It's been a while since we last communicated. How are you doing? My guy was lucky with having a good GP who is nearby and has stayed put! I haven't been able to keep one, but don't have enough troubles to worry about far! How are your hands?

    Love, ec

  • Hi Mary,

    Sorry not from Australia, from the U.S., but my husband (PSP/CBD) does have a lot of pain in his both hands but mostly in his left. He has a hard time moving, and using that hand, and it always hurts. His has trouble with his whole left side sometimes, but it is always in his hands. I have heard that this is part of the disease. What helps him sometimes is putting a warm cloth wrapped around his hand. Helps usually only momentarily, but it is something. I hope you find something helpful for you.


  • Thanks LynnO I do use a what bag that helps either hot/cold! Creams with Methsal (Aspirin) Or Arnica + other herbs all help. some years ago I had a fall & broke small bones in left hand - treated with splint but right hand has had failed surgery for carpal tunnel release would not go thru that again! Enough already beautiful sunny weather here not like 'over East' Eastern States that have had a lot of rain that we do need. Went for a drive with husband & got roses to plant so hope we get rain Cheers Mary

  • The roses have mostly died due to terribly hot weather some other plants survived a tree from Broome Golden shower - it is just that & beautiful MARY Tea

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