Problems at physiotherapy class

Hi I go to physio on Tuesdays - all in the class have Parkinson D except me - whose diagnosis of PSP - p is still not decided. The wife of a man in this class tried to help me as I was putting on my rain coat. She came from behind me & I did not know she was there. I got a terrible fright as she put her hands on me & said don't do that. The physio thought I was angry/aggressive but I was not either I had got such a fright & thought I was falling backwards which can happen with PSP - physio told me to calm down as I was shouting - I told her I have hearing aids & did not know i was shouting. This woman is Philippine & I know she means well but I wish she would concentrate on her husband who is badly affected with PD. I don't feel like going back - please any advice would be welcome marytea.

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  • Morning Marytea.

    I would go back and say I'm sorry if you thought I was rude or aggressive but with psp we tend to fall backwards and if there is strange movement behind it gives you the feeling of falling also as you have poor hearing it is best to approach from a direction that you can see that way the fear factor has been taken away.

    Try to explain to people about psp and especially the problems that you experience. Ie parkinsons fall foward psp go over backwards best to approach from front because eyes can regester the movement better.

    Please go back as it will benifit you in the long run. All the best Janexx

  • zygirl I did not get a chance to have any conversation so have not told anyone in this class of potential problem mary

  • Dear Marytea

    I agree with Jzygirl, go back to the class as you enjoy it and feel it helps you, talk to the lady and try to get her to understand your condition and thank her for her kindness.

    The physio however is a professional and should have dealt with the situation more appropriately, perhaps the physio needs a lesson in

    kind regards

    Dorothy T

  • hi i agree eiwth wha the above 2 replies have said

    you need to go back to the class and expalin your probe with PSP -mone at the local parkinsosn group are about eating and marchuing on the spot and not fallng over and taking anyone with me when i do fall (so now i use a wheelchair for that and outsides too)

    lol JIll


  • Thanks Dorothy for your comments - yes the physio could have done more - I thought I heard her say something like don't try to help her - I really don't know what she said but the physio said to me 'calm down you are shouting' to which I replied I wear hearing aids so am not aware if I am shouting. The physio is good especially for the PD clients but I don't think she knows anything about PSP that's why I felt like not going back. Every week there is a new client usually male being assessed as they have to build up numbers or the funding will be cut. Anyway I shall see how I get on next week & I may phone my neuro nurse - PD too she is more PD than PSP. I enjoy my Monday Bridge classes & people will ask if they can help me which is very nice of them but never put a hand on me that is what upset me so much. Marytea

  • dorothy-thompson thanks but u will read that I did not have any chance to speak to anyone in this class - several of them asked if I was ok that was nice of them class is reorganised for next week so will see how I go. marytea

  • Hi Marytea,

    My husband also startles VERY easily. I have yet to find a way not to startle him when walking into a room. Even if a car drives past our car he will jump if he doesn't see it coming. I would let your physio know that startling so easily is a very big part of this disease, and you have no control over it. If your physio class is helping you, I would certainly go back. If you class is small, maybe some symptoms of both PSP and PD can briefly be discussed so others will understand what's going on.


  • Lynn thanks for your comment u will read in my other replies of this morning's class that went well. marytea

  • Hi Marytea, I wouldn't worry about it. I tried to encourage someone at my husbands physio class, more in fun than anything else, but he didn't get the joke and shouted at me. I just saluted him and backed off quickly, smiling as I went. Yes, I felt awful, but the next week I just pretended nothing had happened, said hello and left at that. Don't know if I have dealt with it correctly. This lady who tried to help you, is bound to be feeling the same or worse than you, so my advise is either just carry on as if nothing had happened or make a point of being friendly with this woman and if you feel you need to say something then do so!

    At the end of the day, these classes are for your benefit, not hers. Everyone attending them has problems, she will know this as her husband is going and is bound to understand, if she doesn't, either feel sorry for her, for her lack of understanding or consider her lucky, that she doesn't have your problems, therefore doesn't need your apology!

    Just DONT stop going, my husbands movement has improved enormously since attending a class, so will yours. It's definitely worth the odd red face, if that what it takes!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady thanks for your comment advice I will let u know how things go next Tuesday mary

  • Heady thanks for your comment as u will read I did go back & it was ok - others in this class asked me if I was ok - there's only one other woman! she + another man with PD had problems with saliva today - maybe the sudden change in weather does not help them I don't know but yesterday was a beautiful autumn day of 25 degrees C! Today was rain early then cloud + cold 19 degrees!

  • Hi Marytea, really glad that you went back to your class and that everything was OK! From your other comments, sounds as if the woman was feeling in the wrong, unless her husband was having problems. Either way, you are fine, which is all that matters.

    Feel sorry for you, that the class is earlier now. Hope not too early, if you are like S, he can't do anything first thing. We really struggle to get him moving, until all his pills have kicked in. Has to take three lots in the morning, meant to be an hour apart, but don't often achieve that!!!

    Keep up the exercises, are you starting to feel the benefit yet?

    Lots of love


  • As long as you apologize not a problem. Just go back as though nothing has happened. Most people are forgiving especially with a disease like PD or PSP. Jimbo

  • I did not understand your comments Jim Perhaps u will read what I have written in reply to others today marytea

  • My comments were in reference to how you treated the Philippian woman when she scared you. Hugs, Jimbo

  • I still don't understand Jim you comment 'how I treated this woman when she scared me' I was not aware I shouted & only became aware when the physio told me BTW the physio had been getting me to do balance exercises & I had told her I was dizzy. Maybe if I had left out the the woman was from Philippines U would not put your comment. In no way would I have hurt her so she should have considered what she was doing- I see her sitting behind her PD husband in class so maybe that's how she sees her assistance but it is not appropriate for PSP & I am the only one in this class that does not have PD - I think I'm in the wrong class but there is no other available at present marytea

  • Hi Marytea,

    S is in a class that most people have PS, although I think the guy I upset has PSP, not diagnosed! I think the exercises are the same, for both illnesses. Multi directional. as I have said before this is helping S, it will help you.

    Please, please stop worrying about this woman, it really is not worth the stress you are going through. She did something silly ( like I did) end of story!!!!!

    These classes are designed and are good for people with PD & PSP, not their carers. Although I do enjoy going and helping S, it's nice being with fellow people, who do understand the ups and downs of having these diseases!!! For me, it feels as if we are doing something to fight PSP.

    So, polish up your boxing gloves and carry on!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Heady I will try to stop worrying about it & continue with classes. I sent an email today to the neuro nurse who recommended me to these classes so will be interested to see what she replies marytea

  • No problem. Jimbo

  • Thanks to people who replied to my post I have been to physio class this morning - nothing happened - had conversation with physio about the van that was my transport but apart from that nothing happened - the Philippians woman was there with her husband but left early - next week the class times are rearranged so that I am going earlier not keen on that but will manage as its getting warmer here. I am finding it increasingly difficult to post & have tried unsuccessfully to contact admin here. marytea

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