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Numb hands

Hi all

I was just wondering if any body with psp or cbd has the

same problem as me, Every morning when i wake up

i have no feelings in both hands and for arms its like

there isnt anything on the end of my arms, the feelings

come back after about 5 mins, I asked my gp what it was

caused by and he said its got to be the cbd thats his

answer to everything,

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Hi Ray - I dont remember dad complaining of numb hands - although he never complained full stop - but I do know that every time he had an ailment they put it down to PSP! Why dont you go and see a physio you may have a trapped nerve that they can release?


Hi Ray- my husband also called Ray had CBD and parkinsons (slow one) together, he always complained of numbness in the hands said his hands used to lock up and couldn't use them also shoulders felt very heavy as well. Neurologist told us the disease affects the whole nervous system maybe that is why it happens physio might relieve it worth a try.

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hi louise

i know what you mean when you say they put every ailment

down to psp/cbd thats the easy way out for the gp, i have seen the

physio shes sending me for hydrotherapy to see if that helps.


hi christine-anne,

Thanks for your reply, I seem to get pins and needles in both

hands as well and then my fingers lock and i have a hard job

trying to get them stright my shoulders feel like somebody

is standing on them, my physio has booked me in for some

hydrotherapy starting in to weeks time the hot water relaxes

the muscles we hope,


HI Ray,

Hope the hydrotherapy goes well anything for some relief would be great


hi Ray

a belated reply but with the tai chi class we exercis e our hands and it helps when they go numb- usually iin my

case after lying on them in bed

Stretch the hand out then curl it up startnig with the little ffngerand ending up with a v loosely clenched fist about 5 times


ps i should love the hydrotherapy - who organised it for you? physio?


hi jillann

hope your keeping well thanks for the info the hydro

was arranged by my physio at colchester hospital i started

a new six week course of it yesterday i dont know how many

other hospitals have hydro pools you take care of your self,



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