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All Done in SF

Bev sends thanks you to all of you we have driven to the coast (Fort Bragg) This research was on DNA they do not believe hers was passed down they could not believe how normal she was except her motor skills they said she qualifys to find out what protein she is missing I told them all the different things that are being given to people and they should visit this site to see what is going on with others. also they will do a geneoloy on her they were totaly amazed at how she is when she is sleeping she did a 24 hour sleep study she is lying next to me and read all your post that you wrote her she said that was so nice of everyone ok we are goiing to sleep so tired hope all is well and everyone is safe ,Sleep with the Angels

Kryste and Bev

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Very good news, Kryste; it must be so encouraging for you and aunt Bev. Keep up the good work!



Let's hope something comes of this, after all Bev's efforts! You must be exhausted. Shame we are not hearing more of this sort of thing from others. Did they mention anything about Stem Cell treatment. Read this weekend that doctors have made a break through with MS using Stem Cells transplant.

Sleep well.

Lots of love


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may I ask, what was the trip to sf for? What study? Thanks!


Sorry it took so long to respond I took my Aunt down to UCSF for research she has PSP. They were researching DNA to see if it was passed down through her genes and hopefuly can if not help her some one else down the line they do not think it has been passed down but they can find the missing protine in her DNA than she has some hope they said she gave them so good data we tested for a whole week she was such a trooper. If your in the US it is UCSF memory and ageing center there Just wonderful people trying to research PSP.



Thank you. My husband has cbd. The study we are trying to get into will be a safety study for a drug that will help with the tau proteins.


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