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My mum is so much better today

We went to see her in the hospital and she was sleeping. She slept for 2 hours and I just sat and watched her and revelled in how peaceful she was. When she woke she spoke to us and I understood quite a bit of what she said. We still have no idea what has been wrong with her but hopefully we will get to the bottom of it soon.

Thank you for all the support.


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That is great news! You must be so relieved that your Mum is more comfortable.


Such good news Cate :-)

If she had been retaining urine that could explain all the agitation, confusion and pain she was experiencing.

I hope she continues to improve and is home again soon!

lots of love

Kathy x


Yeah incontinence and retaining urine is a problem which can lead to infections

Lol Jill



That's really excellent news Cate.

Sending you positive thoughts through here.



our experience exactly the same as yours, once urine sorted, different person altogether. Glad for you.


Great news Cate!


Really good news,Cate!I wish your mum will get better and better.Keep strong,John.


So pleased to hear your mum has improved so much. Glad she is feeling better now.

Take care.........SuzueQ x


Yes - just read that she was retaining urine - yes thats awful - would have made her so VERY uncomfortable - so glad that was sorted, must keep any infections at bay - when mum has an infection I always wonder if we are facing the end, she gets so unwell, just looks dreadful and sleeps all the time. and when we get rid of the infection (mega strong antibiotics and sometimes a few different ones) then she comes to life again. but what a battle :-(

much love - have also sent an email.

Claire xxx


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