I said yes

After 25 years of living together a chance conversation at the hospice has got the staff all excitedly planning a wedding. Brian was concerned about how I would manage finacialy after he had gone because his private pension would stop and I wouldn't be intitaled to any benifits because we are not married. So they said why not get married then. I laughly said to much hard work getting him to colchester regestry office. Then they well get married here. Brians eyes lit up and he said will you marry me and I said yes. As I said its only taken 25 years and psp to catch me. Janexx

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  • Congratulations to you both. I read your post to our night nurse and she said "ah, that's lovely", and we are sitting here with smiles on our faces. I think I'll crack open a bottle and toast you both. Enjoy the preparations.

    Sending you a big happy hug.


  • Congratulations Jill and about time too what kept you ?

  • Wow! How lovely. Congrats to you both x

  • How wonderful! Congratulations!!

  • I'm in a similar situation but all the finance is mine so shan't be getting married. But for you this is lovely. Have a beautiful day.

  • Congratulations! May you always have have plenty of sunshine and gentle rains!

  • Congratulations to you both Des and I send all best wishes xx

  • Very sweet - congratulations and enjoy the day. Forget the PSP, it's the 25 years that did it! ;-)

  • hi lieve you must be irish t have a name of lieve mate or irish descent are you peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • Hey Peter - it's actually Flemish (Belgian), short for Godelieve, which means Beloved by God (aren't you sorry you asked!). A good friend in England named her little girl Nieve, which I believe is also Irish. How are you, Peter? I always enjoying reading your comments with lots of mate thrown in :-). I have a very good friend in Australia, Larissa. She lives in Taringa, near Brisbane, Queensland. Is that close to you? Take good care x

  • hi lieve well MATE im not sorry I asked because you are never to old to learn and believe me I feel old today for some reason or other oh I remember now I had a fall this morning it always shakes me up after one or two falls not wines or beers MATE yes I think that's a bad habit I have got into I use the word mate for everyone and use it far to often sorry mate

    in actual fact I was thinking of the name of nieve when I asked you if you had irish descent but it escaped me at the time \\\ like so many things these days older age matey \\ and yes I do know Taringa I used to live in Toowong which is the next suburb to there but I sold up and moved to a place called Kenmore which is only up the road from there

    and no I do not know your friend we are fairly populated here you know us colonials\\\ well mate its been nice having a chat with you so now I will say

    kom= ban= wah which is good evening in japanese

    not Flemish actually I was over in Belgium some years ago and I bought two apples and the shop=-keeper caught me he charged me 5 pound for two apples and gave me some change which I thought was nice but the tour guide said to me what did you give him for the apples and I told him what money I had given and then he said to me they have just cost you 5 pounds I know its nothing now but back in 81 I think it was it must have been worth a bit more anyway good luck to him the shopkeeper not the tour guide and we were only passing through anyway that's that name of lieve must have brought that on and look at that not a mate word in sight so see yer lieve take care best wishes peter jones queensland Australia an old psp er

  • You're a very funny man, Peter - you made me smile. And thanks for all the MATE thrown in. Wow, that was a bit expensive for two apples - I hope they were at least good ones! Take care. Lieve xx

  • hi lieve I hate say this but the apples were not crash hot they were very dry but never mind I have been caught before and will be again no doubt well mate I was going to give you a mate free em but decided against that

    as you may know we have a cyclone on the go here it has rained all night and all day im getting ready to build my ark

    I don't mind the rain its the winds I do not like

    well time to check the joint over so see yer take care peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke \ ah well if i made you smile that's something !! MATE

  • Peter, you are a gem - pure and simple. I hope you collected enough animals to your ark. Keep safe! xxxx

  • yes mate lieve they came in three by three the animals that is two by two is outdated now all safe at present but still raining \\ don't know why theres no sun up in the sky stormy weather and so on \\ see yer matey peter jones queensland Australia psp bloke

  • Jane, that's a beautiful story. Congratulations. Tell us when itis going to happen and so that we can all think of you and Brian.


  • Hi Jane, that's the most positive thing I heard in ages. Congratulations to you both!

    Tell Brian, on behalf of us all, he has won by a huge country mile, as the most positive person in my challange. Buy him a Mars bar, plus a bottle of bubbly to celebrate!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Love it, Love and reality bound up together, Shall be thinking of you both and have a wonderful day x

  • lovely! Tell the PSP association so we can read your story? Pleeeeese? x

  • Congratulation this is the real love

  • hi there isygirl congratulations mate better late than never a matey all the best to you and brian peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer I will raise a glass or two =======or three

    to you both sometimes I start a bit earlier at a wedding hic

  • hope you will ha v happy jane

    and congrats ar e in order

    lol JIll

  • That's so sweet! Best wishes Jane and congrats Brian!



  • Congratulations! What a fun and happy time!!

  • What a lovely story!! Thanks for sharing. Jimbo

  • Hey Jane, sorry for being slow, but I think that beats any Valentines card!

    Lots of love


  • At last some good news,congratulations to you both.keep us all informed of the date.xx

  • Congratulations!

  • Jane and Brian, that is wonderful news, many congratulations!! Keep us posted, how exciting x

  • Congratulations to both of you

  • what a heart-warming story !!! Congratulations. Shame we can't all be there !!

    love, Jean x

  • Congratulations, what a lovely story. Katiebow.

  • How lovely, congratulations to you both xx

  • good luck to both of you and well donexxx

  • What a lovely post and I'd like to add my very best wishes to you both, Jerry.

  • Congratulations xxx

  • ♪♫•*¨*You share a love that's true

    Congratulations and Best Wishes

    On the day you say 'I do' ♪♫•*¨*

  • Congratulations to you both Yvonne and george

  • Wonderful! Liz and I did something similar. It made a difference for us. We feel sort of in it together more.

    We were initially advised it would make finances more 'efficient'. However it quickly became a lasting love commitment. (After thirteen years).



  • Congratulations, Jane and Brian. It will be a lovely way of celebrating your commitment to each other. Have a wonderful day.

  • Congratulations!! What happy news, delighted for you both xx

  • Congratulations x

  • This is a true love story that will stay with me for a long time. Is it possible to shower you with confetti over the internet? With the warmest of wishes. Rookie.

  • How sweet hope it is a beautiful day for you

  • Congratulations to both of you. Best wishes.

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