Challange Results!

Well, thanks everyone for acknowledging my challange. It has helped me enormously! There were things that I had to do, which involved lots of other work.

We are about to have our En-Suite made into a wet room while we are away in South Africa. So needed to clear the bathroom cupboards, our bedroom has to be clear, as no doubt it will be a tip, while they are working. So used it as an excuse to clear out the wardrobes, doors need to shut, to try and keep down the dust! We will have to spend a few nights in the spare bedroom, before and after we get back, or should I say, my dumping ground!

Well I have to report, bathroom done, bedroom all but done, only the things I actually use everyday, will be needed to moved. Spare room, ready to move into, only thing is I need it first to pack our cases, will start that tomorrow! Also managed to sort out Power of Attorney, Doctor's got it to sign, so hopefully will be able to post it off the end of this week. So all in all, I think I have succeeded in all jobs that HAD to be done! Would be feeling very proud of myself, but didn't sleep much last night again, so very tired. But at least that panic feeling has gone!!!

Thank you very much for getting to the spirit of my challange, it's certainly helped me, only hope the rest of you manage to get some peace from some of those horrible jobs that are bugging you!!!

Lots of love


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  • Today was the day I was all prepared to sort out dad's stuff and get my bedroom clear of boxes. At 5 pm last night I had a phone call from our son saying they had been away for the weekend and as they weren't far from us on their way back home, and as they had spare clothes and toothbrushes with them, could they come for a sleepover?.

    At 6.15 this morning I had two grandsons in bed with me chatting away telling me about getting a tie and woggle in Cubs, playing drums in the school orchestra and the 5 year old saying he "Luuuuuuuuuvs" Michael Jackson at which they both burst into a Jackson song which I'd never heard before, not being a fan. The day was spent at Groombridge Place near us where the boys, including our son built shelters, had an archery lesson, went on a canal boat and played giant chess. I had fun manoeuvreing the electric wheelchair through mud and puddles as we followed them around. A great day was had by all. Much better than sorting boxes. I'll try again on Thursday.

    I hope you find the wet room as useful as we find ours and well done for getting all the prep done.


  • Hi NannAB, sounds a lovely day. I've got my son, daughter in law and 14yr old grandaughter coming to stay tonight! Unfortunately, only for one night, they are catching a plane first thing tomorrow, so Mummy is playing hotelier plus taxi driver!!! Looking forward to the company!!,!

    Best of luck for Thursday!

    Lots of love


  • Brian has gone one better see my post to find out xx

  • Oh Lord - I am exhausted just reading about all you have got done !

  • And I am still beset with procrastination, not been upstairs since I promised to go and sort out beds up there. Meanwhile downstairs spare room is my 'dumping ground' for all the extra bed linen needed by C. Can't remember if there was a deadline (EXACT deadline) for the challenge but shall set Saturday for myself and see what happens. Meanwhile I am with Georgepa!

  • No time limit!!!

  • DON'T SAY THAT. I can procrastinate at Olympic level and do not need further encouragement.

  • Have a great trip to South Africa my friends.


  • Thanks Jimbo! I'll raise a glass of lovely glass SA white wine to you. Hope you are doing OK!

    Lots of love


  • hi heady dont you mean a great aussie red and not a SA WHITE not that i know the difference mate take care see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Well, I think the colour gives it away!!!

    Lots of love


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