Hi Folks,

Well, we have had our Scream Day, our Sloth Day and I for one, have spent far too many days recently, down in the dumps.

Time to be positive!!!

We all have been moaning, to tired to do anything, things are getting out of control. Lots of jobs need doing, but can't find the time!

So my challange to all of us - one day in the next week, I want everyone to do just one thing, that they have been putting off for ages. From spring cleaning the bedroom to sorting out that kitchen drawer, that holds everything, if you could open it!!! Doesn't have to be household, it could be the garden, getting your hair cut. Just something that is driving you mad, but never do!!! We all have a huge list, so it's time to cross one off!

I'm going to be sorting out my spare room, properly this time, last time I just shoved everything into cupboards!

I want to hear what everyone is going to do and the result when finished!!!

Have fun!

Lots of love


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  • Thanks for this Heady. I'm going to sort my bedroom out. My dad died in October 2013 and I still have boxes of his "stuff" waiting to be sorted. They were first in the summerhouse but I had to keep looking through them whilst sorting probate, sale of property etc, so brought them back indoors. They ended up in my bedroom as the other bedrooms are used by guests at different times and I got fed up with moving them in and out.

    So that's the task I will tackle. It's been at the top of my list for months, next week I hope it will be crossed out.


  • Well done NannaB! Thats the spirit!!! look forward to hearing that you have completed this horrible job. Not a pleasant one, no doubt some tears will be shed, so let me know the day and I will send some much needed love down the ether!!!!

    lots of love


  • ,me too

    lol jill

  • Sorting my spare bedroom has been vital for ages !! Its got increasingly full of everything I can't bear to sort. I WILL DO IT. I'll let you know . . . .


  • Know the feeling, I did manage to sort our wardrobes last week, guess where the black sacks went?!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • I'll unpack the rest of the boxes/ bags from the house move, it's been9 weeks since the move and I think most of it will go to charity, I haven't missed any of the unpacked stuff. I will be ruthless πŸ˜€ xx

  • Go Girl!!! First I need to find which on my many To Do lists...then find just one thing. Hum...I'll let you all know when I have it. I think I am on the same wave length today. I've been sooooooooo low this week that no matter what I must change my mood and not wait for the mood fairy to come along and strike me happy. So this is perfect. Maybe to make a doctor's appointment for me....i'll see. To be continued,


    Costa Rica where it is freezing cold, wet and windy....

  • As our weather looks set fair from Monday onwards I am determined to change three beds in the house that have dirty sheets from last guests. I have kept putting people in different rooms to avoid all this laundry (on top of daily washes associated with incontinence) but it is now only a few weeks till next guest so I shall do it through next week and let you know on Friday, Heady, whether or not I've achieved it. Thanks for the kick up the arse.

  • Dear Heady,

    I have been putting off drawing up a list of things to do. I promise to do this next week. Thank you for the timely reminder.


  • I am allowed to feel sorry for myself 5 minutes a day, Permission from daughter Now I have the shower stool taking a shower is so much easier, but drying takes so long because of the lack of strength in my right arm and I am /was right handed. I could use something like the Dyson hand drier that I could just walk through and come out dry. the shower and dressing I could do in 20 minutes this time last year now takes an hour and a half. That said I am unable to do much else so it fills a bit of the day

  • Great idea!!

  • Hi Heady We are off to Devon for a week so will do my spare bedroom when I come back my son in law built us some wardrobes and I put loads of stuff in them will have a good clear out hopefully we will come back refreshed love to you all Yvonne xxxxxx

  • I allowed my friends daughter (a carer) to sit with brian so I could go to a mind body and spirit fair in our village hall. And I had a rieki session. That was a job well done not exactly household achievement but it made me feel better. Janexx

  • That's the spirit Jane. Didn't have to be household, just something positive!

    Well Done, you are the first to complete the challange, award yourself a Mars bar, or a glass of wine. You deserve a treat!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Does that mean I can mend my vacuum cleaner on my day off without getting a rollicking ?

  • Not on your day off. You must relax and enjoy some free time. or you will be nagged by us girls. Janexx

  • Hi Gerorge, perhaps, that should be your challange this week, to do something, that will relax you, have fun, or just different, on your day off!!!!

    Leave the Hoover alone!!!

    Lots of love


  • Brilliant Heady, now that REALLY is a challenge for him xx

  • No, its so much fun giving you a rollicking!!! :-)

  • What could be more relaxing than taking a Dyson vacuum cleaner apart to find out what is wrong and not solving it and then not being able to work out how to put it back together again ? Sorting out the spare room - or changing sheets --pleeeease!

  • I totally agree, BUT,!!! not on your day off!!!!! Go fishing, go to the pub, go to the barbers, have a really proper shave! Anything George, bar housework, worrying about your Hoover, or sorting out the spare room. That's your challange, the spare room? Well that for the day after! Hoover? Go and buy a new one!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Maybe me and the hoover could have a day out together - how does that sound ?

  • That could work, make sure you take it somewhere nice. Oh, and don't forget the flowers and chocolates!!!!

    Lots of love


  • My Dyson is a "he" don't you think the chocolates and flowers might complicate what is already a difficult relationship ?

  • Thanks for making me chuckle!! It was much needed! x

  • Sorry, George, anything that doesn't respond to Chocolates and flowers needs ditching!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh - I just hate breakups !

  • Big softy!!!!!!!!!

  • He's the biggest Heady! x

  • Its done Heady - the Dyson won't be coming out on my day off -

    itssweeping inconsolably in the spare room .But I've hardened my heart and there is no turning back . Now I looked at the oven..........

  • You are on your own there! My challange was a day being positive, didn't include cleaning the oven, that needs something way way above above our pay grade!!! (Unless you have a cheats oven, like mine, that cleans itself!!!)

    Lots of love


  • Dear God......what a troubled childhood I must have had??????

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