Magic wipes!

Hi, thanks everyone for your support, whilst S has been in hospital. Good news, he is responding to the antibiotics and all being well, should be be home tomorrow.

My question is, where do you get these magic wipes? You know the ones, they are very small, but one can clean and disinfect a whole trolley, or hospital bed. Even saw a cleaner use one to clean the bathroom today! They must be truly magic, to be able to clean, make sure there are no lasting bugs, for the next patient to pick up. It doesn't seem to matter, the order that they clean. I have seen mattresses cleaned before the food tray. There is also an incredible floor mop, they just sprinkled a bit of water on the bathroom floor, then wiped it up and proceeded to clean the bedroom and the corridor outside S's room! No wonder our NHS is bleeding money, these must cost a fortune. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love


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  • So glad S is doing well, Heady. Magic wipes eh? When I was nursing there were different solutions for different jobs and it all had to be done in a certain order. Maybe they have a magic word now too. Hay presto and it's spotless maybe? Time for a glass of wine,, still had to get up.

    Sharon x

  • hahahaha...that were cute!

  • Hi Heady

    Great news!

    The new thing is Deionised Water... which as you can imagine is actually ionised water... but it don't sound so good.

    Simply put a voltage is placed across a body of water and it becomes a mild highly buffered acid... Have I lost you? - Well that's both of us then!

    You can drink it, but it cleans windows sinks floors like amazingly... no soap needed. Best of all it leaves a small electro charge on surfaces which respells dirt. My window cleaner uses it... my windows stay really clean. Big hotels have started using it as their sole cleaning agent.

    It is antimicrobial, but I don't know quite how good.

    Well now... I bet its something else after all of that ;)

    Let me know if you find out.

    Great news


  • I guess that's what reach and wash is(high level window cleaning from the ground) also there is (I forget the name) sinks toilets are treated every 3 months, and only need a wipe with damp cloth, it's often used in pub toilets

    Good news about S

    Love Debbie xx

  • Well - Your news has cheered me up so much I went to look for them for you.

    Here you are:

    The NHS won't be paying that!

    Making deionised water is pennies per 50 litres! My window cleaner throws it around, like , like, um, water.

    Makes it in his garage with a machine.

    So this price is rather silly.

    Hugs and grins


  • I want one too! I have never seen those. I am a freak for sanitizing. If you find out, let us know.



  • Ha, ha,


  • They must be rather like the gloves some of the carers use which obviously stay sterile whichever order things are done in e.g. toiletting first followed by teeth cleaning!

  • Ugh !!!!!


  • Perhaps that why S only gets infections at the weekend, when I am looking after him, I make sure I take my gloves off and wash my hands, in between tasks. Obviously doing that wrong as well!

    Lots of love


  • I have carers who think those gloves are magic too. Ha ha.

  • Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle :)

  • I wish I hadn't read this!! :-p

  • Great news Heady, I'm pleased S is responding well and will be soon back home!

    Love and hugs to you both....Pat xx

  • What's wrong with good old carbolic soap ?

  • The smell might upsets the poor little darlings!!!

    Lots of love


  • Great news about S. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

    When you go to get him, please ask where the magic wipes come from. I want some.


  • Please let me know too. I just spent the morning cleaning the house in soaring temperatures, hoovering, polishing, cleaning windows and kitchen (bathroom and ensuite have to wait until tomorrow) I was exhausted. If I had used these magic wipes, I could have been sitting out in the sun reading a book while W sat in the shade sleeping and still managed to get a tan!!

    So happy S is getting better. Hope you are resting tonight. Any wine?? I have to admit I opened a bottle of chilled rose to have with our BBQ, lovely. Well we all need a treat during the week to keep us going.... don't we??? Nanny857 xx

  • Of course!!! Enjoy.

    Lots of love


  • Heady glad S is getting better I want some of them too, my cleaner has let me down, so it is back to cleaning along with everything else. Xxxx

  • I'm glad youre man is responding well ..

    so I have reread your post and your'e just being plain sarcastic about those wipes .....right? I mean that just sounds icky to clean the bed bugs and the macaroni dinner with the same wipe...c'mon Heady Youre saying that hospital was NOT hygenic ....right?.......I hate to say it but you know, you can get sick in the hospital!

    the magic wipes can be made with clorox,....I use them allover actually have a spray bottle of clorox detergent wow...I love it....However I do use more than one per usage......I havent't started electrifying my water yet...had some electric cool aid once!


  • Got it one!!! No wonder these places are full of bugs and dirty. I sit there open mouthed

    Lots of love


  • I am jumping with excitement thinking about the magic wipes think i will have to look on amazon..... No wonder a lot of people come out of hospital worse then they went in.

    I stayed in one hospital and the woman that was cleaning the toilets then handed out food funny how i was not hungry on the ward but sneaked of to the café to eat. (No wonder that hospital was nicknamed death vally).

    Glad S is responding to treatment.


  • Good news! I use those detox wipes or spray, you know like poor Cinderella, following my dad's footsteps and mopping where I see something spilled... quickly before my Mum sees it and then he's in trouble! :-) He's got some facecloths the carer uses, one for his face and one for 'below'. She doesn't change those every day. I asked him once, how do they know which is which (since it's not always the same carer every day) and he said 'I don't know' arghhhhhh So, I put fresh ones out when I remember. Most days.

  • I actually write on ours with permanent marker 'FACE' and 'OTHER'. It lasts for quite a few washes and then I just go over ir again. Don't know if it makes any difference which they use for what though!


  • good idea... I can only try - I always assume (silly me) that they're professional and have a system. But when they tell us the special liquid soap they use is finished, ON THE ACTUAL DAY I just have to assume they live day by day by day by day..

  • The towels and flannels should be 2 different colours ie light for the top and dark for the bottom.... and that is how we are trained. And they should always follow that rule.

    Mind you some of the thick ones we've had in here (one even went to use the cleaning cloth) i wouldn't take the chance and they are told to put them in the wash after use. Janexx

  • Hi heady

    I'm pleased S is responding to the antibiotics

    And I hope he's doing well now?

    Equally I hope you are ok too?

    As for the 'magic wipes' no wonder you catch stuff in hospital

    Yak, yak yak!


  • Are they in the same place as "the tooth fairy " and the special fairy who tidies away all the bits no-one else sees ?

    Love, Jean x

    If they really exist I want some !!!

  • I would REALLY like to believe that they work, after all NOT everybody comes out of hospital, sicker than they went in!!!

  • Well not on the same day as ones dismissal...incubation may take as many days out as was ones stay in.....Well like I said I will never go to the Washinton regional Emergency Room again...if I can help it that is..".Wheres that rag we were using yesterday? Oh look here's another patient...well how long you been here!" Ok I'm done I can't change it so I better shut up about it.



  • Yes, let us know. My cleaning goes into the night, every night.


  • Your post made me smile Heady even though it's not really funny especially if the patient contracts one of those horrible bugs. Gob smacking Isn't it! Bit scared as Ben lays in in his hospital bed whilst those little critters are up to no good, trying to do their worst. Thing is it's not rocket science that you don't wipe the toilet seat and then the the tray with the same cloth. Idiots or just lazy about infection control!

    Love Kate Xxx

  • My money is on both!!!,

    Lots of love


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