Visited Rose yesterday, she is being comfort fed now I managed to give her some tea which I did hear and see her swallow,but a few minutes later it just poured out of her mouth! Her eyes were open when I arrived and closed at end of visit Rose does not speak now as I was leaving I said to her you have a little snooze now and she shouted "I don't want a little snooze" very aggressive and more tea came out her mouth! I got her calm and I left quietly. So sad think she is nearing the end now hope she gets some peace soon.

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  • It's so distressing isn't it. I hope Rose finds peace soon.

    Sending you a big hug.


  • Thank you Hanna b,not surewhat your situation is with your husband hope I have not upset you? I read all your posts any get great comfort from them. It is such a roller coaster!.sorry miss print Nanna b not Hanna!

  • yes i am sending you a big hug too and ope that rose

    finds peace soon

    jill in th uk wIth [PSP

  • Hi Nannygoon, no you haven't upset me. I was just feeling empathy for you as I remembered watching my dad (not PSP) wasting away until the end. My husband is still eating well and although he has to have everything done for him, he still laughs and thumbs go up if I ask him if he has had a good day. I always ask him when I kiss him goodnight.

    I didn't notice the miss print until you pointed it out.


  • Bravo, your sister! Isn't PSP an extraordinary disease? When my wife could no longer utter a word, our son phoned to say he was going to the Congo on business. I put the phone on "open" so that Roisin could hear him, handed her the phone and said absently "tell Rupert to take care of himself in the Congo"

    which she did, absolutely clearly, substituting "Darling" for "Rupert" just as she would have done normally. In a way, that was even more surprising. I imagine that when PSP sufferers are emotionally stimulated they may sometimes overcome their restraints. It might be helpful in understanding the disease if neurologists could spend time with a PSP family in the home environment.

    Poor Rose. I think of her and of you? Nannygoon.


  • Thank you Christopher,yes they can surprise you Rose does not talk a word but sometimes she will give a big smile if we talk about an event in the past but that is very very seldom.take care and thanks.

  • TO nannygoon .it will be hard on you,but, just remember that sh/e will be in a better place,& she will be watching over you.. so try to comfort her and make her you will feel blessed that you were there for her till the very end. if you have a minister, priest or a rabbi, ask him or her to come visit her to prepare her final journey ...GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU..............GENA

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