Sunshine Ice cream and Chocolate

We were both a little raw from yesterday... but we went into the garden and Liz enjoyed the flowers whilst I did some gardening and then she supervised some Jasmine trimming before us both settling down to talk of the planting which worked well and where the hell are the Larkspur!

We then had tea outside and Liz mearly choked to death with laughter when she realised a neighbours rose was missing... The neighbour is moving out (: and and another neighbour and I have commented on how one particular rose they had was stupendously good... So the neighbour leaving did one trip and the rose disappeared... Liz kept looking up at the fence it normally pokes over and laughed and laughed. She loves 'naughty'.

We finished up with Ice cream sprinkled with crumbled chocolate.

and a warm hug goodnight

Many many good laughs and hugs today... trying for the same tomorrow.

Now a glass of wine for me.



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  • Lets hope tomorrow is filled with sunshine and flowers for you both. Enjoy your wine. Janexx

  • Beautiful x

  • Cheers! I am joining you. S safely(?) tucked up in bed, I am chatting to you all, with the remains of tonight's bottle. Have been very good, had a BBQ, we both sat outside, even ate there, which is a rarity. So feel reasonably contented tonight. Should I have said that? What tomorrow going to throw at me???

    Lots of love


  • Wonderful Heady,

    Let's hope tomorrow has love, is hassle free and not a hard time.

    My garage rang today and apologised for getting their diagnostics wrong... they are fitting the correct part for free (We're talking a few hundred quid)... I love it when folk come through as good. Worth more than the money.

    Here's to a good tomorrow for all of us - Cheers!

  • here here!

  • Wow!! Fab news Kevin! 👏👏👏👏

  • Well my relaxed feeling lasted until 3 in the morning. Got up to the loo, tripped over sometime, thought on the way back I ought to pick up whatever it was. Yes, you've guessed, S was sprawled out, back on the bed, feet on the floor. Bum in thin air! Dread to think how long he had been like that. Took me ages to manoeuvre him back on to the bed. Can see that Monday morning is going to involve speaking to the OT, time the dreaded hospital bed moved in. This is going to be a huge NO NO for me. No doubt night sitters will have to follow.

    Hope you have a calm day!

    Lots of love


  • Hi Heady that is my idea of a nightmare.

    O.T sounds the way to go.

    Night sitters. I so dread having to have that.

    Hope your getting a little sun your way and you get to relax in a nice corner.

    (OK - I need a reality check - I know)



  • Yeah!!!!

  • Noella21

    I am so sorry you have to go through this. Sooner or later we all have to come to grips with our homes starting to look like a care home. We ceiling lifts several wheelchairs , comes lift chairs , ramps and a outside porch lift, and a wheel chair van in the driveway for which I had to trade in our Lexus. God bless you both. You give us humor and lots of good advice and are an example of courage in all circumstances.

  • Sorry to smile at your predicament but the picture you paint does sound comical. I quite fancy a hospital bed for Ben when he comes home as it is much easier to manage to help him move without being so dangerous, guess I have grown used to them over the last 6/7 weeks and he seems comfortable in them. At least the beds aren't permanent fixtures unlike some of the aids you need fitted. Enjoy the wine Heady, I have abstained tonight as had way too much over the weekend as family visited.

    Love Kate xx

  • Good for you Heady . Nice to feel relaxed w no anxiety shadowing you...

    May you and S have a good night and a gooder tomorrow


  • Sounds lovely Heady, BBQ, wine and eating al fresco. We love BBQ's but unable to eat outside as our very old outside table has been cut up for firewood. Getting a new patio laid so need a new patio set..... Then hopefully we get the weather. ☀️☀️☀️

    Lots is love, Nanny857 x

  • Sending you all a big hug, and wish us all a relaxed and happy Sunday x

  • i agree yvonne

    lol jill

  • Sounds like a lovely day for you both. Hope you get many, many more of them.


  • Kevin & Liz enjoy these days and remember them in the dark days to come as a time of joy and happiness

    I like idea of plant napping my neighbour is after a plant in my garden (still defies my random weeding and annual hack) I have no idea but it produces some huge red flowers for 2 wks a year think it may be a peony but it is 5 ft high.

    I really must do some serious gardening well maybe next week enjoy the summer while we can. Tim

  • Ooh, I'd love to see a five-foot peony! No bending to catch the fragrance! I managed quite a bit of weeding on a day off last week while an aide was here. Still not half done, and they do spring up behind as I go, so the job never is done, is it! We are in a dreadful drought, though, so there is less lawn mowing to do, and I'd rather water than mow. Enjoy! Love, ec

  • Doesn't it make everything seem better when a good day happens, and the sun shines. May today be just as good.


  • Sounds like a wonderful day... another memory to cherish.

  • Noella21

    Don't these moments where you laugh together and feel normal for a bit just make all you have to contend with worthwhile? That is what keeps me going ,hoping for more of these hours or even moments. Enjoy the sun and laughter let them recharge your batteries.

  • Hi Noella

    Oh, we live for them and then warmth, understanding and sharing fills our world!

    We've just not been very good at it. Folk here have helped us get there.

    I hope you get sunshine too.



  • Let's hope the new neighbour hasn't created an invented a checklist of everything in the garden, could lead to a court case! Glad you enjoyed the day, hasn't the weather been just perfect and just right for alfresco dining with a little tipple to finish the day agreeably. Let's hope we get a few more days to enjoy being out.

    Love Kate xx

  • :)

    Well, not my problem - my neighbour got the rose!

    They would have given it to us if we had asked. But we are all sad. The house is being sold over their heads to pay the fathers care bill. They have lived here all of their lives. So we gave them chocolates and wine and a card and good words... not much given the sadness.

    No the place is somewhat neglected... suite a high energy couple with some spare cash.

    Yes, a few more days like these would be good.

    Liz and I just love sitting in the garden... me pottering and she calling and suggesting things... then food and sitting and listening to the water and watching the bees.

    Silly, but heaven.

    Precious memories in the making.

    Love Kevin


  • Sounds really lovely Kevin, so pleased you are making happy memories to cherish!

    Love....Pat xx

  • It's folk like you here that got us out of the rut.

    Thanks for being there!




  • Nice share! Now enjoy your vino:)


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