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Thought I'd share this PSP poem. Enjoy! Jimbo

A Poem I found about Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, the disease my dear Sharyn had.


How did it happen? From where did it come?

This monstrous illness known only by some.

No treatment to help, no cure is in sight,

It strikes with a vengeance, like a thief in the night.

It's symptoms are many though diagnosis not clear,

Victim's held in suspense with unending fear.

As each stage develops a part of self goes,

As it renders them helpless to life that each knows.

Confined to a wheelchair and later to bed,

Unable to eat by self, now must be fed.

Sometimes a feeding tube it must be.

As they think of life past, now prisoners, not free.

Deprived now of speech, eyes fixed in a stare,

Others could think, "that person's not there"

Don't fool yourself people, the brain is intact

Each word that you utter - she knows exact.

Sometimes she may signal with a finger or two,

Until she's unable to show them to you.

Is this not torture - this sentence to death?

They struggle to live until the last breath.

What will it take for a cure to be found,

To give hope of life before they're in the ground.

This evil invader is called PSP,

With research and knowledge someday it’ll cease to be

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Thanks for that Jimbo. A perfect description of this horrible disease.

How rare you doing? Still painting?

Take care

God bless you



Yes still painting. You can see my updated art site at


Thank you good poem I go with my father all the stage till the ground so it make my cry , god bless you


Very poignant Jimbo - thanks Georgepa .


hi jimbo thanks for poem im still above the ground mate so far just keep on keeping on peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer I hoper this em finds you bright and bushy tailed matey


An amazing poem which will help me explain to those I meet what this horrible condition is like.

My Mum lost her battle to PSP nearly 8 years ago and I had a poem then that I gave to her carers, it helped them understand and touched them in a way I couldn't.

Thanks for finding it for us all.


What a lovely poem made me cry ! Yvonne x


Thanks for the poem - it sums PSP up well and it is also helpful for showing to those who just dont or wont understand.


Jim just been on your web site toy paintings are just absolutely fabulous well done wish I could draw and paint like you unbelievable Yvonne x


Thanks Yvonne. I love painting and it helped when my wife had PSP to keep me busy.


Jim I really thought your paintings were unbelievable well done keep painting maybe you should get an exception somewhere Yvonne x


Thank you for this poem,



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