A poem about PSP

I am far from a poet but was playing around and wrote this, I am sure you will relate to at least some parts of it (sorry for the poor rhyming skills lol) x

PSP where did you come from……I wish you would go

I watching my family hit a new found low

You came uninvited from out of nowhere

You are not nice, you do not care

I wish you were just a fleeting guest

But you’re here forever, you are a pest

The plans for the future are completely shattered

Each day ends, feeling like you’ve been battered

You’ve stripped my dad of all his power

You aren’t palatable, your taste is sour

You steal the ability to speak and think

The words won’t come, you’re the weakest link

PSP you are so cruel, you invaded our life

You’ve taken my dad away from his wife

Their lives are destroyed, it is not fair

But you’re a spiteful disease and you do not care.

Each day a battle, a fight to survive

At least dad’s still with us, at least he’s alive

But this disease is extremely hard to endure

Especially when we know there’s no cure

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  • Lovely!!!!!! Yvonne xxxx

  • Tears in my eyes Hayley, tears in my eyes.



  • So true and so clever putting all our thoughts into a poem. Well done!


  • Thank you for the gift.


  • So true! 😥😥😥

  • Yes so true x

  • Very well written Hayley! I totally relate to this as my dad has Psp too 😓 X

  • What a beautiful piece.........from your heart. I am the one with PSP and could relate to every word. Thank you, thank you! Love, Mary B.

  • Thank you Hayley I was feeling the loss today. Your poem speaks volumes

    When I went to visit my husband in care. He was so pleased to see me and I was so pleased to see Him. I just wish he was here so I could hug him. But he's not. But he is hopefully in a better place with no PSP. In my dreams he is as he was

  • So true ☹️️❤️

  • That is perfectly put, brought tears to my eyes too x

  • Xxxx

  • You are right about it being a spiteful disease, but the weakest link? They are normally sent packing and we all know there is no chance of that!

    Lovely poem, thanks for sharing.

    Lots of love


  • Better out than in L

    Llol kill


  • I have wppsp and am ol I don't think I I wishimwansaygie

  • Awesome! And unfortunately so true.


  • So true, bless you. X

  • PSP and its horrible consequences in a nutshell. Well put into poetry. Thanks

    Love Kate xx

  • Well said. Such truth. With God, nothing is hopeless-that's the beauty.

  • Oh my I have tears running down my cheeks, so true. I hate this disease so much xxx

  • Beautiful poem and your rhyming is fine. My Dear Daddy is the same, and is now bed-bound by the sinister PSP, which has stole him from his wife too, and from us all but as you say, I'm glad he's alive and not in (physical) pain right? I know how you feel and I'm very sorry. We're all in my prayers.

  • Thanks for your reply and I am sorry to hear about you dad. It is so hard isn't it.

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