Season's Greetings

Greetings to one and all- I have made so many friends through this forum and you have all helped me .with your words of encouragement and kindness from Costa Rica to Australia Turkey USA et al . I think I would have sunk without you and I look forward to staying in contact throughout 2015.Raise your glasses on Christmas Day and toast all associated with PSP . Perhaps we could do the same as the universal scream and say raise your glass at 3pm . I know that's difficult in USA etc but start early ! Happy Christmas. Georgepa and family

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  • I hope you have a good christmas with your family around. And please keep posting as your poetic words lighten our hearts. Janexx

  • Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas xx

  • As it will be 5pm here we'll try to remember to raise the glass and post photographic evidence. Have a wonderful Christmas - is there snow? I think we are now officially ignoring the day after an awful night.

  • My glass will rise at 3pm and my husband and youngest son will raise theirs too.DO have a happy Christmas everyone Px

  • We will raise a glass at 3.00 and wish you luck ! Jean

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