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Hi everyone, I haven,t posted for a while , hospital admission, work, etc, no excuses but just trying to find time to update you all.My husband Alex has PSP and struggles to open his eyes. He,s getting Botox Injections but still needs something else. Well , he has now got his Ptosis props . His words were "I think they,re magic " They were supplied by Mr Lundie who fitted them to his plastic framed glasses. It is a soft flexible loop which exerts light pressure on the eyelid enabling the wearer to keep their eyes open. The cost is £40, and Mr Lundie managed to fit loops and send almost by return of post.

This will certainly improve Alex quality of life as it was adding to his problems by having very little sight. I can pass on details for anyone who feels this might help their loved ones. Glad to reach out and know how others manage to cope by reading

posts . Just keep holding on x

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  • Crickey sounds amazing!!!!!!!

    Where is this guy based?


  • He is based in Swansea , Wales. his name is John Lundie. try looking online for Lundie Loops. I,m sure you will find details there and I hope they help.x

  • Thx u x

  • Good job! I saw those glasses just recently....never knew they were even out there...I hope they work well for Alex.


  • I would love to try this for my husband. He was diagnosed 2 years ago. I know this is a progressive illness but nobody said it gallops. Les has been in hospital for 7 weeks now and it could take a further 4. This last 2 years have been the worst in my life. We had our ruby anniversary in April and neither of us felt like celebrating. It's becoming increasingly hard to find any positives as this damned disease is taking my husband and I can't do a thing to stop it.

    On another note: is it part of PSP to constantly accuse your partner of having an affair with every male I com into contact with. It's very wearing trying to convince him that he has it wrong.

  • Oh I know how you feel, the worst 2 years of your life, and yes PSP does gallop! Out 12th anniversary 31st July, but no I don't see as there is anything to celebrate.

    Where on earth would you find time/energy for an affair!!!!!

    Love Debbie

  • Good question. I work fulltime and our daughter is Les's main carer. At times I would just like time to breathe and attempt to straighten my mind along with the constant thought as to what is round the next corner. It is an incredibly cruel illness. I would love someone to say "tomorrow's another day and everything will be fine". However as that's not going to happen I will continue working with PSP constantly on my mind. At the hospital today we had a lovely surprise - les's uncle Jim walked in after just getting in to the UK yesterday so life is goo . Well as good as it gets for now.

  • Please email me the information

    thank you lots of hugs Kryste

  • Hi, Kryste, The contact details you require are, Mr John Lundie

    1, Pen Sarn, Heol ,

    Sant Cynog,Ystragynlais, Swansea. SA9 1BR.and the cost is around $60 dollars. Tel 01639 282671. I,ve posted this so everyone can see . Really hope they help.

  • I have Apraxia of the Eyelid Opening and have just heard about Lundie loops. I live on the west coast of Canada & have been trying to figure out the easiest and most economical way to get new glasses with them. It sounds like your husband got his own plastic framed glasses and then had Mr. Lundie fit the loops on them. Another site said to contact him through an Optical store in the UK that specializes in hand made glasses. I emailed them & would have to work through an optometrist here to give them measurements etc & they would make the glasses & get the loops put on.

  • P.S. how much is E40 in US money

  • We are in US, how can my husband who has PSP get the Lundi loops? How about ptosis crutches? Which of these 2 is better?

    My husband does not wear glassess as he had catarat surgery in both eyes and has 20/20 vision now? So how to get this done?

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