The storm

Last night I lay in my bed listening to the rain and the wind lashing and buffeting the house , making the tiles jump and chatter on the roof - sleep deserted me . This morning I looked out through tear streaked windows and watched pearl droplets increasing in size and momentum as they coursed erratically down the panes . As I stood there I felt the cold embrace of the insidious cloak of melancholy as it began to wrap itself around me . Down our road came a mother , head bowed against the wind and rain pushing a pushchair with her small school bound daughter who was dressed in a daffodil yellow raincoat with pillar box red wellingtons . She jumped in all the puddles with obvious delight , sending up mini cascades of water in every direction . Her mother laughed at her daughter's innocent pleasure and her little brother waved his chubby arms in frustration at not being able to join in . I turned away and the cloak slipped away as silently as it had come .

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  • a lovely start to the day for me GEORGEPA

    it si a great solace etna you can write these things down si ti not ??

    lol jill

    hugs andxx to you and your wife

  • You do say the most wonderful things. My cloake has slipped away as well.

    Have a good day, maddy

  • What a wonderful description Georgepa. Thank you for brightening my day x

  • Beautiful moment,


  • really beautiful georgepa i wish i had the ability to express myself like you do

  • My cloak slipped away too, thank you Flicka

  • My cloak slipped away too, thank you Flicka

  • My cloak slipped away too, thank you Flicka

  • My cloak slipped away too, thank you Flicka.

  • My cloak slipped away too, thank you Flicka

  • So sorry I seem to have sent God knows how many reply's see what happens with this !! x

  • Beautiful piece x

  • Beautiful piece x

  • Beautifully written. I could see it all so clearly. Thank you, Georgepa. Your story warmed my heart. Love and peace, Easterncedar

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