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The Power of Photos


I remember when every roll of film would be developed, and we would be so excited to see what the results would be! Buying photo albums, ordering doubles, and my Mom loved putting the latest treasured photo on her refrigerator with a magnet. Those days are gone with digital photography and devices.

Since Mom has lived with me the last couple of years, and we have been challenged with the unknowns that this disease serves up -- one thing for sure, reminiscing of days gone by are always guaranteeing a smile! Pulling out old family photo albums are one of her favorite things to do -- so I have them stacked, and marked, and just recycling them over time for her to see. I love to watch her expressions as she turns each page.

Recently, I decided to create a "photo album" on her bedroom walls -- she spends so much time in her recliner, a collage of images seemed like a great idea. Enlarging some of her favorite photos and have them just a glance away! This collage kit offers the opportunity to order fresh images, and circulate some change over time ---- My mother is so happy! I walk into her room throughout the day, and I see her just smiling and staring at her collage. (lower right pic is Mom holding one of the pieces of the collage of my youngest brother - one of her favorites that she selected for this project)

Seeking out the joy every day ...

I hope you are hanging in there! Sending virtual hugs and high fives to all of you warriors.

Warm hugs and smiles,


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What a lovely idea xxxx

bazooka111 in reply to Helen119

We are enjoying this every day! She smiles and just stares! Xo

Hi Kim, I did the same. I made huge collages and had family photos enlarged onto canvas. They were on the wall by my darling’s bed and opposite his chair. Now they have nearly covered the walls of my downstairs cloakroom/ toilet.

Keep taking photos. So many happy memories.


bazooka111 in reply to NannaB

I love love love this! Have you posted this before? Maybe you gave me the idea?! Anyway ... it is a super home run! ((Hugs))

NannaB in reply to bazooka111

I’m sure you thought of it yourself Kim. I did post a picture of him holding a large canvas of our 3 sons which he had just managed to unwrap with my help on his birthday but that was in 2015. I asked him if he liked it and he put his thumb up as I took the photo.


bazooka111 in reply to NannaB

That’s awesome!!!

I had a number of books of photos printed - which meant he could take them with him to respite and gave a talking point for carers. Now they bring back memories for me ! xxx

Wonderful idea! I may do that for my father-in-law; he’s in a nursing home!

God Bless You !!

You are doing whatever you can to make your Mom happy. Respect!!

bazooka111 in reply to Sam_S

I’m doing my very best! Xo

Brilliant xx

How lovely and I am glad they bring such happiness to your mum. I got canvas prints of some of our wedding photos on the wall ready for Steve when he came out of hospital and he loved them I now wake up and see them every morning- such happy memories. Have a lovely day both of you xxx

bazooka111 in reply to Hiking13

Thank you! I’m working on some more - I never imagined how much she would have enjoyed this, but she really does!

What a wonderful idea Kim I often just put the PC on the table in front of hubby as photos are on a loop and just keep going round And I have hundreds of photos of family and garden and past holidays too brings back great memories of travelling in the motor home Hugs Maggie xxx

bazooka111 in reply to fishponds

It’s amazing how we can forget, yet how a picture opens a vault of memories! The brain is an amazing thing ((hugs))

What a lovely idea. My mum has lots of pictures but I love the idea of large collages ❤️

I love these large collages, they're great. Not on the same scale, but just before lockdown and in time for Mothering Sunday, I had various photos of Mum with family and friends in a collage frame that she could look at which she loves.

I think it is so important to help them reconnect to the wonderful memories of their lives, and remind them how much they are loved!

What a lovely thing to do, wouldn't that be a great thing to do in nursing home rooms, particularly at the moment when they still aren't allowing visitors.

love to you all xxx

bazooka111 in reply to AJK2001

Yes!! I am working on one now for my father in law, who has been in quarantine since March 13th! Sad times we live in.

Just beautiful, Kim, you’ve brought your mom’s room to life, a memory box without the lid and where she can take a stroll down memory lane whenever she wants to. It never fails to amaze me that looking at photos from years ago always manages to transport me back into that moment - they hold such power in taking us back to a particular time that may not have otherwise resurfaced. Going forward you will be able to replace some of them, keeping up the lovely story. Fate may have dealt your mom a rotten hand but it’s no match for her fabulous family.

Well done!

bazooka111 in reply to HilsandR

You make me smile! Truly the best addition to Moms space ever!! She absolutely loves the pictures ... one day at a time. ((Hugs))

What an excellent idea! Sending Hugs... Granni B

Beautiful... still love that smile.

Tim x

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