Don't forget GLOBAL SCREAM DAY SATURDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 3PM UK TIME .-let rip for 30 seconds - if you can't scream then pommel a pillow , stamp your feet ,or beat your chest but do it in the secure knowledge that people all over the world are united for that short moment in time in a common empathy and draw strength from it and embrace it. If it works for you please post your thoughts and maybe we can have an annual Global Scream day . Georgepa

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  • I've set my alarm on my mobile phone. I've just had a silent practice. 30 seconds is quite a long time so may mix screaming and pommeling.

    Nanna B

  • Good Work!! Here is what a friend of mine work and put up on Face book: translated into Spanish:

    ยจCaregiver's all over the world are having a global scream Sat. 15th, 2014, 3:00 England time. Step outside and scream for 30 seconds in support of all the millions of unpaid, exhausted, unknown, brave, caregivers of the world. ยจ

    En todo el mundo del cuidador estรกn teniendo un grito mundial Sat. 15, 2014, 3:00 tiempo Inglaterra. Un paso fuera y grita durante 30 segundos en el apoyo de todos los millones de no pagados, agotados, desconocidos, valientes, los cuidadores del mundo.

  • We shall be screaming on the beach although it is raining here at the moment. However I hope it will clear before Scream time. Why don't all the people screaming try to take photos/videos as they would be very good to have if this is going to turn into an annual event. Can photos be posted on here?

  • It'll be 10 am here in Maine, USA, and I'll be with you all. A little venting can do us good, but the solidarity, ahhh, that's just beautiful! Love to you all. Let her rip!!

  • I wad in a very public place and thought, right, I'm going to scream, but the thought of being escorted out in front of the kids would be too much lol, so I pulled a really screamy face and yes they looked at me oddly, so hopefully I did my bit xx

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