Roisin's return?

Hi, everyone,

First of all, my heartfelt thanks to all of you who sent your condolences in response to my posting "1944-2014". May I please share with you the following extraordinary occurrence that happened on the Thursday morning as I was carrying my wife's things (and mine because the excellent hospital had given me a bed in Roisin's room all the time she was there) to the car park. I was speaking to her, saying that we will be together again etc. Then I added " but it would be helpful if you could give me a sign that there actually is something to look forward to after we are finished here." Roisin being an agnostic (I think but it is impossible to be sure) this was said with as much humour as I could muster. Later that morning I was sitting in our dining room with two old friends from England who were staying with us for a few days - what a godsend that was! - when I heard a rustling sound behind me. Tony said "Look, there's a bird on the threshold." It was a robin that had come in via the front door, crossed the hall and was standing, looking at us at the dining room table. Tony's wife Penny and I got up to usher it out of the house the way it had come but it walked and hopped down the hall and then flew up the stairs which bend back on themselves at a landing halway up, then along the first floor corridor to Roisin's and my bedroom where it sat on a wardrobe and looked at me. I crossed the room and opened the windows wider so that it would be attracted by the sunlight to fly out. It circled the room twice before flying out and perching on a branch about fifteen feet away.

If I had not been able to tell you that my two friends witnessed all this, you might think that I had flipped. As it is, that robin redbreast - Roisin's favourite bird because robins had a habit of perching on her spade when she was gardening - makes me think. I have a theory to explain what happened but i leave it to you to decide for yourselves.

Thank you for reading this.


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  • That is so beautiful, I can so relate to that, when my father passed very suddenly, we also had a robin appear as did my sister, my father loved nature and spent most of his time in the garden, so yes, a wonderful message I think xx

  • A beautiful sign. I'm an agnostic, too, but every so often I see something like that that brings me hope, comfort and peace. Love, Easterncedar

  • I agree with you ec

    i` m an agnostic too



  • I do believe in good and evil, though, and am as sure as I am about anything that there is a force representing each of them, or many forces, clashing in our world. Can't put it ALL down to testosterone poisoning...!

  • You asked for a sign and she sent one. I believe in the force of nature, the cycle of life, reincarnation perhaps... so it's so easy and beautiful to see that your wife's spirit is still alive, and will always be with you. xx

  • Hi Christopher, I'm not reglious, but I belive in these signs.

    Just after my fathers died (Cancer). S and I were on holiday, walking in some mountains, I felt that Dad was with me. I scared stiff up high, so started testing Dad, getting close to the edge, running on rough ground, all sorts of crazy things. Definetly thought I had lost the plot! We had been trying to get the radio to work on our car hire, when this had finished I tried the radio again. Immediately it burst into life, stating this was the BBC world service. Yes, you've guessed it, that's who Dad worked for all his life!!! A sign if ever I heard one! And nobody is going to tell me different!

    Take comfort in yours, I do every day for the last twelve years!

    Lots of love


  • hi im not religious either btu just believe that GOD Is where love is !

    if tha takes any sense to anyone out there (my 92 year old godmother who has always been a great source of inspiration and love to em told me this earlier this year and she is v religious in the best sense of the word)

    but the robin is a

    wonderful sign to you CHRISTOPHER and to others who have replied here too

    having lost my dad in september (aged 92) i feel that i can no longe hold on to anything about ,,my mother who died in 1997 and was a dreadful woman (yes really) but my dad adored her and said he thought about her every day which kept her alive in a strange way

    not v pleasant fo ra mondya am os must type a few note sfor the GP whom ia m seeing this am - she is a v good young doctor who understands what this PSP is all about as much as anyone can

    lol jill


  • I gurantee you it was what you think it was....something that has happened to me personally twice in my 70 years of life....she is safe indeed and along with you ,has paid dearly for her trip through this life,that sign will keep you strong,regards Rollie

  • hi rollie

    are u ok??]]and and madeline too`??

    lol Jill


  • Hi Jill... ok ..thank-you for asking,Rollie

  • What a lovely message to you from Roisin, heartwarming story Christopher, at this time of sorrow and deep fried when you need something, anything, to give you hope. We have had many messages and signs since Dad passed a year ago 22nd October 2013 from psp. A candle often comes on in the living room when we are watching the footie and dad's favourite team (Liverpool) scores! We smile and say 'hi dad!!' Many feathers have been found randomly turning up-the most obvious one was placed in the middle of the living room carpet, and no windows were open so it was surely dad. The most humorous story was when my mum, brother and myself were heading out food shopping a couple of months after dad's passing. On our way out mum grabbed a toffee (werthers, her favourite) The house was empty...on our return, as we walk into the house what do we see on the 4th step placed on the middle of the step nice and neatly? A werthers toffee left to mum from dad :)

    Tc, keep strong and never lose hope xxx

  • That was was a great story to start my day thanks

  • Lovely heartwarming xx

  • Loved the visit. How sweet

  • Thank you Christopher for a lovely story -

    I'm not particularly religious but like to think there is something more, and all who have gone before are our "guardian angels". Sometimes I make a decision which later turns out to have been the right one.

    Thinking of you,


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