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PSP Parkinson : Improvement observed

My mother has been affected with parkinson PSP

On advice of doctor we have started one tablet of Amantadine, reducing one tablet of syndopa plus

I have also started homeopathy and improvement is observed.

She is currently able to sit in bed , hold tea cup , is talking & played ludo with my daughter yesterday to 30 mins. she is also having better appetite than earlier.

Medical report and Homeopath document in the link as below

Please take advice from a homeopath doctor before starting a homeopath treatment .

Best regards,

Siddharth Roychowdhury

Calcutta / India

+ 91 9883225454

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Thank you for providing this valuable piece of information.

Could you tell us which homoeopathic medications she has been prescribed ?

My father too has been diagnosed with PSP-P and we have tried a variety of treatments for him (Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy) from multiple doctors but nothing has helped or shown any improvement.

The only thing which seemed to help with his movement and speech difficulties was Coq10 but we discontinued that also after we noticed that he developed swelling in his feet if he took it regularly.


Gelsemium is one of the homeopathy medicine suggested . I would request you to consult a homeopathy doctor with the document for suitable medicine .


Your mother looks like a different person! Congratulations. I wish I knew someone who knows homeopathy. I was intrigued by the comment at the end to avoid cadmium. In my latest research for the cause/cure, I have been looking at cadmium toxicity and its neurotoxic effects. And cadmium seems to be found everywhere, and especially important to my hubby is in chocolate.

I am also now trying boswellia serrata and ashwagandha. Both may have benefits on inflammation.


My mother was a teacher , now to test her speaking power i had to ask her to tell from 1 to 10 , which you will find in the video . Lets us join hands to find a cure .


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