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Are we sure of the date today

4am I was asked is it time to get up yet my reply was a polite not yet hun. 4:30 I've slept a bit longer any chance of giving me a hand now. The reply was just give me 5 mins more. So up we get at 5am. Oh its still dark out should I go back to bed. No darling we are up now so let's get an early start on the today jobs.

Still in my pj's when my phone goes it's the lady next door but one she has got the paramedics there and they need some imformation so off I trot up the road in the said attire to do my best to help. (Why did I agree to keep eye on a 90 year old woman while her son goes on holiday). Lucky it was just a panic attack but still scary for her.

come back Brian haveing a nice nap in the chair... I put the dirty washing in tumble dryer instead of washing machine yuck hot urine sure does stink so now I've got to clean the tumble dryer drum and filters.

but hey ho Brian is now eating his bowl of icecream as happy as the day will be long. Oh and none of the jobs have been done and now I'm of to bath the lady next door. Have a good day Janexx

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Oh Jane, another house like ours. I've made the tumble dryer mistake in the past as well. I did toy with throwing the Kylie sheet and PJs away but several washes and nearly a bottle of fabric conditioner later, all is well.

I hope the rest of the day improved and you get a longer lie in tomorrow but from experience know you probably won't. Sorry!

Nanna B


Jane, you are a saint!

For small amounts of urine - have you tried rinsing in salted water first? (Works on blood too.)



Oh dear wifemo it was all soggy sheets etc and instead of washing them I accidentally put them in the tumble dryer full heat so they stunk the house out so we had the delightful new fragrance of heated urine. They got a good soak in a mixture of vanish and fabreeze and then 2 washes and now they smell ok. All in lifes rich tapestry. Janex


Well done!



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