Warm Water Therapy

I took my Aunt Bev to a swimming pool to day and its the most relaxed she has been in a long time, I would recomend it to anyone who has PSP it is so good for them her body was weightless she was able to walk around the pool more than once, the smile would not leave her face, and on the way back home to Nevada I asked her what she was thinking about and she said the pool it made her feel so good and it felt so good to walk again. You can push the wheelchair right in to the water until they can stand, with help of course I just held her hands and away we went mind you she hasn't walked in over a year but she did today. Dont give up keep trying new things, its not the end, new things are found everyday .

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  • That sounds wonderful I expect she enjoyed that. I also believe that water therapy would help to rehydrate the body especially important when taking fluids by mouth is so difficult.

  • Kryste so glad you had the same experience as we did when my children and I took my husband on vacation in August. With my children's invaluable help. We managed to get him from the wheelchair into the pool. Like your experience and with some help, he was able to hang on to the side of the pool and go around not once but twice on the second day. He is 6'3" but the pool was 5 ft at its deepest. I agree. This therapy should be included in treatment. It not only feels good to them but gives our loved ones at least some sense of normalcy. Thank you for putting it out there.

  • That's good news to all those with PSP. On thing you don't hear recommended as therapy for PSP is touching. My wife loved it when I rubbed her neck and shoulders or even her arms. I think we often forget how nice and comforting the touch of another can be emotionally and physically to a patient. Please touch and rub your loved one as much as you can. I'm certain you'll be rewarded with a good smile. Jimbo

  • My husband has PSP and has been going for hydrotherapy twice a week for over a year now. He really enjoys it and I honestly believe that it has kept him strong and mobile. He still walks assisted with a walker but the fact that he has retained some strength and movement makes him feel more independent but is also so helpful for me, as his carer. It's definitely something to consider.

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