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Sensory activity using water beads


This is a great relaxer for my Momma - thought I would share! We have discovered "water beads" ... She absolutely loves them, and I am talking mesmerizing, as she moves her hands around in the cool water beads --- her right hand is moving constantly as she feels the beads touching her hand. A friend suggested that I try these to keep her hands moving -- they use them with children for sensory integration.

I am amazed how much mom enjoys this activity .. just thought I would share this fun therapeutic idea.

Here is a video link of our experience with water beads :-)

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Brilliant idea xxx

bazooka111 in reply to Helen119

It has been a wonderful activity that Mom is thoroughly enjoying 🙂🙏🏻

Sweet! This would be a great experiment to try when hubby is feeling overheated. Thanks for the suggestion!

bazooka111 in reply to SewBears

Yes!!! The cool water is something that Mom loves —- I hope He likes it!

Great idea! Tell your mum I love her T-shirt too!!

bazooka111 in reply to honjen43

😉 I will tell her ... it’s one of her favorite shirts! ((Hugs))

honjen43 in reply to bazooka111

Hugs back!! XXX

Think my granddaughter had some of these a few years ago. They helped her with anxiety issues.

It's cold here at present. Do they work as well in warm water?


bazooka111 in reply to honjen43

I’m not sure —- I don’t see why not —- hmmm probably need to look that up. I just learned that my little niece had some a few years back as well —I have absolutely never heard of them until recently.

honjen43 in reply to bazooka111

So great to see your like and the '1' ring my bell almost immediately!!!

Thank you!! I’ve just ordered some for my mum!!

bazooka111 in reply to Hdee

Yay!!!! Let me know how you like it! I like it myself - so I poured a bowl for me and she and I sat on the porch, listened to some music and swished away. 😀

Wow! I quite fancy do that.


bazooka111 in reply to NannaB

NannaB doesn’t it look fun?! I find myself sitting around and grabbing the bowl ha!

Hi Kim,

Always good to see you pop up on here. The water beads are a great idea and obviously giving your mom a lot of pleasure. I just watched your music therapy video as well - I cried - so beautiful the time and patience, not forgetting the oodles of love you show your mum - BEAUTIFUL!

Love to you all,



bazooka111 in reply to HilsandR

Hey Hils! I hope you are doing fabulous. We are at the lake house for the weekend, some beautiful weather, and still social distancing and staying healthy. Mom loves the water beads! Oh the music therapy video -- :) It is amazing what music does for my Mom -- I pulled out my keyboard up here, and we play and sing just about every day -- as long as she smiles and it brings her heart joy, Im capable of doing just about anything short of a cartwheel (now, that would be funny and disastrous all at the same time) wink wink

Hugs to you my friends -


Well, if you run out of ideas to make mom smile then that ‘disastrous’ cartwheel should be put to the test (and captured on video). It’s made me smile already! Seriously though, well done Kim, you are a force to be reckoned with, CBD has met its match with you.


bazooka111 in reply to HilsandR



I watched both videos the second one with you and mom singing brought tears to my eyes. The water beads are interesting just what I need for my distonia and Dubatrones in my right hand. I don't know where you got them but I will check Amazon and order some .


HUGS for you and your moma

Maria Elena

Thank you Maria - I purchased the water beads on Amazon - we love them!!! Aww thank you on the video of us singing —- it’s a beautiful experience to see her respond to music! Let me know how you like the water beads - I love them myself!!!!

((hugs back to you))


That is wonderful. I usually use them for my kids but I will try it with my mother.

Thank you

It’s funny — I had never heard of these things, and I was telling sister in-law and she has had them for her kids ... New to Me!

These look great thanks for sharing Think I will get some for hubby Hugs from Maggie xxx

bazooka111 in reply to fishponds

Hey Maggie!! Hope you’re doing good —- enjoy the water beads!!! ((Hugs))

My OT gave me some Therapeutic Putty for hand and finger exercises. It's a non-toxic, no scent putty that, when warmed by my hands in use, becomes more pliable. I found it is available on Amazon.

bazooka111 in reply to Railfan

Excellent idea - I’m going to look that up!! Thanks for the tip!!!

Wonderful! Sending hugs... Granni B

bazooka111 in reply to Mottsie

Hugs right back at ya!!

That looks really helpful - I will definitely try sometime. Great video.

Richard x

Thanks So much for the posting. I ordered beads for my husband. His disease is much more advanced then your wonderful mom’s, but we have little to lose. His one hand usually remains clenched and both hands are very difficult to open. The water may be relaxing.

Your mom is so sweet. A great mom is truly one of life’s greatest blessings. 💜

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