Any ideas

Brian has finnished a course of antibiotics on sunday. Yesterday he complained his left arm hurt today he cant use his left hand/arm very well. Forgot to say his right arm is locked and he drags his right leg.

So I've had feed him and give him his drink. Am at a loss as to who I should contact hope someone got ideas as to weather it should be gp or neuro or community matron. Janexx

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  • hi jane

    how r YOU today?

    i understand that brian has some major probs aft er doing so well

    i woudl contact he community matron who would ge ti n touch withe th e neuro(if nec)

    she will deal with his probs on a 1st hand basis and you might not be able to get to c the neuro for a while

    feeding him is a big change for him - can he take it ok??

    (i would not like to be fed until i have to be, preferring to go at my own pace which is fast!)

    lol Jill

    JHugs and xxxxx o t you both

  • My 1st thought was community matron. Just seems as if we had a good couple of months and now he seems to be going down hill very fast. Don't think he very happy being fed because I make him emty his mouth before next lot goes in. Have rigged up a cup and straw so he can drink. But poor sod can't even have a ciggy without help (rigged up an electronic one) so he not a happy bunny.

    I'm a bit stuck cos I don't know if its psp or something else going on.

    Hope you getting on ok. Janexx


    it maty well be th e PSP -- I CANNOT HELP YOU THERE IA M AFRAID



    LOL jill

    hugs and xxx to you both

  • Well it seems like he has got bursitis in his elbow. They think he has knocked it and caused it to get inflamed and that is why he cant use his hand/arm. So I am only on feeding duties short term thank god.

    Best to all. Janex

  • Hi Jane. Glad to hear it's only a short term problem. I have to feed Jim as he finds it difficult to coordinate his hand to mouth or though he does try but gets very frustrated that he is unable to do it. Denize.x

  • So sorry things are tough(er). It is hard to watch them. I feed my Bob and he refuses to eat except ice cream and peanut butter and jelly. Sigh.....


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