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And now for our next trick

We have had a good week. Brian is now completely off the pd medication and is more mobile then he has been for 18 months or more. He was champing at the bit to get out of the house. So I orderd some ramps and we had our first outing today in his wheelchair for many months.

On our trip round the village he managed to get a free savaloy from the chipshop and still had room for icecream.

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That's brilliant news! Keep it up. One victory to you against PSP!!!

Long may it last. Enjoy!!!

Lots of love



It's so good to hear good news. May there be many more trips out......and ice cream.

Nanna B


Well done Jzygirl, hope you both had a good day!

Kind regards

Dorothy t


Yes it was a good day. He really enjoyed the fresh air and goodies. Lets hope the weather stays nice so we can do a few more trips out. Janexx


Hi jzygirl

hope you really get some more good weather and have more trips out!


we,my partner, and i are going to n YORKSHIRE 4 a few days to see my dad who is in hospital aged 92 after having 2 (mini)strokes within the las t week

i just want to see him and tell him that i love him

and hope he isn't suffering too much

lol jill

hugs and xx to u and bRian

PSP sufferer in the UK


I hope your dad is not to bad and that there will some improvements in his health. It must be a worry for you. Do you live a distance from him. All our family live a long way from us. (It was us that moved away from them).

Big hugs from Janexx


How lovely! Well done Brian! X

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YEs jane

he is 14o miles away which means i cant just drop everything and go like i used to b4 this PSP got me

but it will eb a nice break anyway going "home" as i call it despite not having lived there for 50 years!

lol jill



Wonderful, wonderful news! Wishing you many more days just like you described.





how is B today ??

still bett er i hope

lol jill

hugs and xx to you both

and a :-)


Jill Brian is good planning his escape into the village for afternoon tea at the teashop wich means a big piece of cake and lots of spoiling by the owners and the girls that have been looking foward to seeing him again. Hows things wirh you. Janexx


So pleased for you, Jane and Brian - what a triumph.



What is pd medication....I can't think what it could be?



Parkinsons desease medication. Most people get diognosed with parkinsons first so they try them on sinamt. Janexx


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