Safe transfers with one person

Can anyone advise what sort of equipment or techniques they have been shown to enable transfers of sufferers.

Mum has CBD and no use of her left arm but can stand at times with assistance but for whatever reason her brain and body won't allow her to do this with me anymore. With carers she does. Physios have said walkers frames not suitable due to no left arm use.

Was wondering if there is any moving and handling equipment that can be used by just one person to get Mum out of rise recline chair into a wheelchair. We just got a wheelchair delivered on Friday and she is desperate to be able to get into garden but I can't transfer her safely. We have two carers four times a day for personal care needs but the calls would mean she would be outside for hours.

The OT isn't very helpful at all so want to be able to ask for the right equipment if there is anything I can use by myself with her. She has been very upset as was waiting for wheelchair in hope would give more mobility but reality of not being able to get out of chair with just me is gutting.

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  • Hi the "Sara Stedy" is a great help for us O/T provided it and you can google it to read all about it x

  • That looks fab but don't think would be suitable for Mum unfortunately as she hasn't got much strength in her good arm to be able to pull up

  • Hi yes it does take some effort to pull up may have to resort to hoists (which I am dreading) xx

  • I don't think the sara steady will be of any use to your mum you need to be able to hold on with two hands, ask the OT she might have some other ideas Yvonne xxx

  • I have asked but she is not being helpful on all areas of equipment. It is like make do with what you have. I keep saying the commode isn't any good but been told best option so stuck with it.

  • What about the DN she might be able to push for something for you? Our DN is lovely, very helpful, I think you have to be a bit demanding to get anything done, I was not demanding until George was it well, then things changed, and I had to fight George's corner. So you have to be like that, our else nothing gets done. Hope you get the right equipment for your mum, which will make your life easier. Yvonne xxx

  • All I do is fight for help. No one so far has been of any help for us particularly . All depends which district nurse I get as to how helpful they are. I've not seen same one twice.

  • We have a Joerns Oxford Mini 140 for my husband who has no strength in his legs at all. Carers have to use it with two people, I am the second person but as I don't have help during the day, I have to use it alone. It's not the easiest thing to use but I manage. Before this we had a standing hoist but that did require him to hold on. The first aid I had was a handling belt, a wide padded belt with handles but I found that back breaking. Some folk here have ceiling hoists. A few suggestions you may be able to talk to the OT about.


  • Thanks for that. Mum has strength sometimes in legs but her coordination is awful and she knows what she wants body to do but it just won't do it. An electric hoist for times body won't cooperate sounds ideal.

    I'm having a bad day today as I feel like a prisoner too in the house as we can't get her out of chair in between calls so I don't feel like I can go sit in garden and leave her sat inside. This could potentially be her last summer of being slightly able to move a bit so just breaks my heart we can't get her some fresh air.

  • I think I know how you feel as when C's legs gave way, there was a problem with getting the full hoist as the KCC had just changed suppliers. He was in bed for 5 weeks as there was no way of getting him out, not even to the shower or commode.

    It was such a relief when I could take him out again and am making the most of the better weather.

    I hope you find something to help.


  • Thanks I'm pleased you are able to make most of weather whilst we have a bit of a good spell.

  • We have an electric standing hoist. D can just about stand (take the weight on his feet although cannot stand upright) and can just about hold with two hands, although he needs to have his hands put on the "handlebars" as they can grip but will not move by themselves. He is held by the sling around his back so is quite safe even if he were to let go. I can do it by myself although it is fiddly and time consuming and it is a big piece of equipment which needs space to store and use. We wouldn't manage without it now though and it will continue to be useful until D cannot stand at all any more.

    Do work hard on the OT and explain that the wheelchair is no help if you can't get her into it. She should be able to understand that!

    Vicki x

  • I had chat with the night carer and she said she thought a hoist was needed for the night call as Mums fatigue is just too bad to be able to transfer and stand safely.shr thought a stand aid would still cause her pain as she has no fat on her as very underweight. I am going to send an email today and it's a pain it is bank holiday today. I will also say about the wheelchair being useless too and that is another story as we don't know if housing will adapt access for a wheelchair.

  • Difficult times for you. So stressful and not knowing what to do for the best or where to go for help .

    I struggled far too long transferring John .

    The OT tried a number of AIDS turning stand ,no use to him , then tried one similar to nanna 'S Joerns . I couldn't cope with that one , far too heavy for me to manoeuvre .

    For a long time now we have had portable ceiling houses in both rooms .

    Now I can transfer John out of bed onto his commode chair then wheel him into the lounge and hoist into his armchair , I hoist then as needed onto the commode ,

    We have carars but I ise it all day with him. I am 79 so if I can use it I a, sure you will

    I would never manage without it .its my best friend.

    Try emailing or ringing the Parkinsons support officer for your area and explain to her , I found the one we had most helpful . Good luck . Once you do get the right AIDS things will be less stressful for you at least with the handling

  • Even the Parkinsons nurse is not very helpful I asked last week and he said OT is best person to ask. Do you have the name of the model of the hoist please?

  • Yes sorry , it's Invacare I - Transia hoist .

    It's not screwed or bolted to any walls or ceiling . It does have rather long feet to support it though . I have one leg behind a wall unit the other runs along the front of a settee . Did have to get rid of some perfectly good furniture to make room . A small price to pay for us. Let me know if you can't see it

  • Hi. I used a handling belt and a transfer turntable. It worked well when hubby still could stand for about 3 seconds. When moving mum from the chair by the belt it's important to keep your knees bent to avoid back injury. It does need a certain amount of strength on your part, otherwise a hoist. May be a saver option. The OT should be able to organise a hoist. Good luck, hopefully mum can enjoy the garden and some sunshine soon. Xx

  • I haven't got the strength myself to transfer safely so I think hoist would be safer and least painful for her. She is getting fed up of ll the man handling by people. It is hurting her. I pray we can get her in the garden soon.

  • Mum has CBD. She went from being able to stand(ish) for a transfer to having no use of her legs over a bank holiday weekend. I called the OT on the Tuesday morning, when he said he wouldn't be able to visit for days I threatened him. I know, I know, I told him I would put in a complaint as either Mum or I were in danger of being hospitalised and the cost of a hoist was obviously cheaper. I had the hoist and nursing bed delivered in 3 days. Ooh, I cried a bit too....genuine tears I was at my wits end. Start fighting for the hoist now sounds like you're going to need it soon, if not already x

  • That's what I'm finding that no one gets how quickly the condition can change and also that it can vary greatly during the day. I've sent in an email as bank holiday and also written evidence and will call tomorrow morning.

  • My husband has CBD and we have ceiling hoists now. One in the living room and one in the bedroom.I Don't have carers and manage everything myself but would not be able to if I didn't have the hoists and a hospital bed which were arranged by the Neuro rehab OT and the social services OT.

    It is the responsibility of the OTs to help you with anything that you need to make things easier and safer to transfer your mum.

    I can't believe they aren't helping you!


  • They honestly don't seem to be the least bit interested. The commode isn't working out either but been told nothing else can do.

  • Well done, you won't be doing a lot of care if you put you're back out. Good luck.

  • Is it not obvious to these professionals that you need help now, I don't get it that their job is to help you keep your husband in his own home and for you to keep well and strong to deal with the daily ordeal of moving him about. I know what you mean about getting out in the garden, it's like releasing the steam from a pressure cooker when you get outside, so good for your morale. Keep fighting for what you both deserve, best of luck and a comforting arm around your shoulder.

    Love Kate xx

  • Thank you Kate x

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