I feel as if I got my life line back. HEALTHUNLOCKED have restored my page back to the original one. So I thank them with all my heart, the new one just was not working for me. For those of you who haven't tried it, DONT! The latest activity has been taken away, so you don't know who is replying to what. Surely, that's the whole point, to read the different responses from various people, not just getting answers to your own questions!

Anyway I'm happy again, so the soap box has been put away!!


Lots of love


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  • hi heady thanks again for em matey I had an em from health unlocked today but I deleted it in error so I never l knew what it said you are like a british bulldog that once he grabs hold of you he don't let go \\ on yer

    mate peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • I had the invite yesterday, looked at the new version, didn't like it and I seem to still have the old version, so I must have got out of it quite by accident!

    Thanks for the warning,


  • Thanks, Heady. It seems you were looking out for all of us!

  • I too am new to site and have found it frustrating, mainly because I didn't know how to use it correctly. My brain has gone into sleep mode since K went into hospital , my worst nightmare coming true. X

  • Hi Grannylil,

    Hold on in there! We are all thinking of you, be strong for K, that's all you can do now.

    Lots of love


  • Grannylil how long has the illness been present...Rollie

  • granny lil has not replied has she ?ha s she gone from twhe site already

    lol JIll


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