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Dark Pitch Black Room = No Balance

Even though I can't tolerate bright lights I also can't stand up in complete darkness. I tested this several times and if I shut off all lights and make the room completely dark I fall fast. No balance. Usually to the left or backwards. I put small dim night lights in all the rooms and it really helps. Anybody else notice this?

I know there are several people with psp who wear dark glasses but they make my balance worse.

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I have nooticed that i dont like being in the dark or even in a room tht is dimly lit - fir instance when my husband walks me along the corridor to the bathroom i have to have the lights on and if he switches them off before i get back from there, i feel like i will fall over even if he has hold of me firmly


Being in the dark is similar to having your eyes closed. Research (Google) the Romberg test and Parkinson's with respect to neurological damage and falling. It may give you some clues about your query.



Thanks Strelley- I took your advise and found this;

The author of this study did find that "eyes closed" balance is bad in PSP more so than in Parkinson and also more than in normal people. The people with PSP rely on cues from their eyes to balance even though their eyes give faulty messages.


Glad you found this study that investigated balance in PD versus PSP (and controls) with varying postural tests with eyes open and closed (with and without dopamine medication).

All the best.



Dear McFly,

At one stage my husband wanted each room dimly lit. He tends to now prefer brightly lit rooms and wears photosensitive glasses).

As well as purchasing night lights - I love tall standard and table top lamps so changed them all to very low watt globes which also worked a treat for ambience (and the power bill!)


Alana - Westertn Australia


Yes mum was the same. Dim lighting worked well for her too. Take care x



I prefe r bright lighting & putting lights on and off causes me to,go off Balance and fall

I,cannot bear bright sun,light either

So nowadays have tinted specs

lol jill



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