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SebCoe - Francis Crick Institute response

Have today received a reply about sending everyone's comments:

" Dear Mo

" I work closely with Seb Coe and am also a trustee of his Foundation. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to pass on other people’s responses to the news of Seb’s Foundation. Seb was very touched and is determined to make a difference in finding a cure and helping sufferers of PSP.

" It is early days for us but we do hope to raise some significant funds in due course. Thank you for writing and do stay in touch.

Susie Black "

Looking forward to hearing more - the latest PSP Association publication/journal "PSP Matters" did carry an article but it didn't say more than we already knew.

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Hi Wifemo

Sorry but this must have been another blog that I did not see, this site is becoming a nuisance, I often see blogs months after they were posted.

Anyway, I know about Seb Coe, I think I have heard of Frances Crick, didn't he decipher our DNA? But what responses from us are we talking about?


Dorothy Thompson


Hello Dorothy - The original post about a month ago was headed " Lord (Sebastian) Coe building new research centre "

The link was :

It had been forwarded to members of the Norfolk PSPA Support Group by the brother of one of the Group. It's about a new Centre being built near St Pancras, London.

The £650 million project is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council, University College London, King’s College and Imperial College. Around 1,500 scientists will be based in a “centre of excellence”, with computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers working alongside biologists, chemists and physicists.

[That was a shortened version for someone who was unable to open the link.]

Various members of this site responded with comments, one (Gayly) asked:

"Could our replies be passed on to him to show how much we all appreciate what he is doing?"

which I did, and the reply has just come back.

Best wishes


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Thanks,Mo, for doing the needfull in sending all our supporting postings to Lord Seb Coe.

When one starts into an immense project like the Francis Crick Inst; you need all the moral support you can get.

So well done see how happy he was to receive them?



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