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Acute episode

We very nearly lost mum on Monday. Her throat was full of thick white saliva and was struggling to breathe through it. It was very distressing watching her and feeling helpless to do much, other than try to get rid of this stuff. I turned her onto her left side to try to drain it from her mouth. She was gasping for air and barely breathing.Then she went blue, I thought "I can't lose her like this".I pressed the Careline Alarm and they sent a paramedic who called for backup as mum's O2 sats were 81%. She was admitted to A & E Majors at the local hospital. All her obs were excellent and her O2 sats had gone up to 100% on 15L of O2 and 97% without! The doctor said that he would write to mum's GP to get me a suction pump and was surprised I hadn't already got one! He prescribed Domperidone but I've had to withold it as she has developed a hives-like rash!

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What a scary ordeal! But it sounds like you were thinking clearly and did just the right things. I keep hoping there will be a peaceful end to my husband's PSP but I know we certainly are not guaranteed any such thing. If this should happen to us, I hope I can respond in the ways you did. Thank you for sharing this with us all.



Thank you Caroline x


Lizzie. Thanks for sharing. We all may find our loved one in this circumstance.



Hi I have PSP & would not liked,to go ,ism such circa



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