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Another episode for me.


Felt relatively good yesterday when I went out with Larry’s cousin Diane to do some errands. She’s been helping haul me around when she has time. The last stop of four was the market to pick up a few things. Used the self checkout. Paid my bill and went to sit down to wait for Diane who was doing some shopping as well. A woman who had been near me in the self checkout area asked if she left anything on the station. I said no it wasn’t me. Then I checked my canvas bag to find it empty. Yes, I had paid and walked away with none of what I bought. Walked back to get it. I don’t even know I’m out of it any longer.

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Ohh poor you, I know the feeling, I’m always forgetting stuff, I did the same in the chemist the other day and they cane running after me, makes you feel so stupid.

Least you got all your shopping in the end xxx

Love and hugsxxx

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Dumb is the word.

Pregnant mums call it 'baby brain'....I call it ' whoops'... Brenda xx

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No idea it happened to pregnant women.

So sorry.......stress will do that, so will age.

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In my case it’s both.

I think we caregivers really underestimate the load on OUR brains, not just doing so much for our loved ones, but constantly analyzing, anticipating, preparing, keeping our emotions "continent"....

No wonder we forget stuff! I've read that Mindfulness Training is helpful, but I havent got around to that ;-)

Anne G.

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There is also the shopping, cooking, laundry, pots to water in the yard etc. on top of being aware of what is going on with Larry and assisting him. It’s endless.

Big hug......lovely weather here.

I love that I was born and live in Los Angeles. Just wish had UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE in the USA. My fantasy is that it would cut back on the stress.

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Universal heath care may happen some day but I doubt we will be alive to see it.

I think Raincitygirl has put her finger on the problem. You need a vacation.

A big hug.


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I could use a break. I’m not big on travel. I’m thinking of putting Larry in a home for a few days. It could happen. I done a bit of research. This would be at our expense as we don’t have anything like what the UK has.

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If you can put Larry in a home for a week or it! I know it's all out of pocket $$$$$$, but if you can live with the decision, and it not stress you, do it.

When my son died, up until only a week or so, my body caved. For more than 12 months I physically hurt. My sciatic went out, my legs and shoulders hurt, I couldn't walk straight, my stomach was irritated. Research has documented that the caretaker health takes a it, if you can, Jeff166.

There was an article today in the Business section of our Los Angeles Times, suggesting that those who are retiring consider ( and haven't hit medicare age) moving to Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and a few other neighboring countries (that I don't remember) because their medical sophistication is equal/greater than ours (USA) and so much cheaper. It was not an editorial is was a personal finance information advice.

My son was highly educated and even as a musician had paid voluntarily into social security. He took a job as a secondary math teacher so he could continue to play at night. He had EXCELLENT medical coverage paid by the school system. Then PD (later DX as PSP) hit him, requiring him to go on disability retirement (CalStrs). Disability does not cover medical and he was no longer covered by his job AND NOW HE HAD A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION with no long term care. Thank goodness for Pres Obama and ACA. He was paying close to $600 a month. Most Americans, optimists that we are, don't think we are going to be hit by a MEDICAL CRISIS. It's sad.

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I’ve repetitively stressed my right clavicle, elbow and lower back. My sciatic nerve down my right legs is not all too happy with me either. I’m right handed. I use that side the most in getting him up and around. I also have flat feet that have been a life long problem. Over the last few years they have deteriorated more than I could have imagine. Getting old is such fun.

Brain overload I would say, you have to think and anticipate so much that you end up with brain fog.

Take care and look after yourself.

Love Kate xxx

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You are right.

Hi Jeff,

always doing silly things like that, feel such a numpty at the time but you realise afterwards why it happens, just soo much whizzing round in our heads. I'm premenopause too so get it double !!

big hugs

Dawn xx

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I realize when it happens I have too many things in my mind. I think about something and think I did it.

dollydott in reply to patch33

Dawn I am at that stage too (premenopausal) and I think your right it certainly doesn't help. x

I have just been to the chemist for mums repeat prescription. A month too early!! Lots of people in there waiting, staff frazzled I felt so embarrassed wasting their time as they did a thorough search before finally checking up on the computer. Oops. I mumbled an apology and left. Glad its not just me x

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