"You say it best when you say nothing at all"

Hi all -

Came in from gardening, lay down on the bed for a few minutes' rest, turned on Radio Norfolk - The Country Show in the East of England - and "You say it best when you say nothing at all" was the next song played. There are lots of versions around.

I used to find it helped me remember the man I married was still in there somewhere.

But - make sure you have a big box of tissues handy. Still affects me now, eight months on.

Best wishes on your journey.


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  • So true though!

  • Hello, daughtermo -

    From your posts, we are on a similar journey


    PS - Hope you don't mind me pinching your idea for a name when I was starting on this site!

  • The Driffield Middle 8 Singers have dedicated a song to people living with PSP and their carers.Have a listen to Lean on Me on their You Tube web site. I am a member and my wife has PSP. She was a founder member and had to give up singing 2 years ago..

  • I would if I could, toyota11 - I'm not that tech savvy! I'll ask my son next time I see him.



  • By the time our son replied with a complicated way (I don't normally have anything to do with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc) I had tried Google - and there it was. Well done to all of you.

    I hope you enjoy your singing as much as our son does - and he's given us much pleasure over the years going to concerts.


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