Thinking of you all

Hope you have all had a reasonable day today. DC is still in hospital 4 weeks today since he went in. A special chair was ordered for him, it arrived at hospital yesterday but it isn't suitable. I have to go in the morning to the hospital as they are getting someone in with a different chair to see if that will be better.

DC was a bit brighter today even managed a smile.

Love to all of you

Tillyhugs xxx

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  • Hi,

    Yesterday I visited my father in his nursing home and was feeding him his lunch. I have never been so scared in all my life. A good few mouthfuls in my father started choking, his arms became stiff and the look on his face scared me. I jumped up moved him forward and hit his back a few times. After a few minutes he calmed down. These choking fits are getting worst. He was always baffling on about car batteries wanting to buy us all one although he had been watching "top gear" on Dave channel. He just wouldn't let the topic drop it was all nonsense.

    Such a sad life.


  • I must seem like a long 4 weeks. I wish you strength and peace and hugs. I hope the new chair is going to work. We are having a hard time getting one that is suitable. We our trying our third one. It is so big it can't fit through the doors and it won't fit in the wheelchair van.So back to the drawing board.It all takes forever. God bless you both.

  • i agree noella

    lol jill


  • Hi Tillyhugs, hope DC remains brighter and gives you more smiles and the new chair is suitable.

    Lots of love, nanny857 xx

  • i agree



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