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Gosh what to ask? well my main question is about heat fluctuations and how they are supposed to cause rigidity?

well hubby is supposed to be in the last stage whatever that means? but i have found these last few weeks his neck is rigid most of the time making feeding ect very hard ( no bag feeding requested) anyhow now he is having heat fluctuations which i read cause the rigidity and most of the day he is Planking in his wheelchair, i'm afraid he will fall out of it one day soon, he has panamax 10ml twice a day and Tramadol .5ml and 1ml for a nap and bed time which do help a little. unsure if the Tramadol is causing the extra rigidity or not. Will be seeing the doctor tomorrow as the specialist has suggested a small dose of diazipan if that is spelt right. Has anyone experienced this planking rigidity before and if so did any medication help? Thank you

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Would some one please tell me what the stages are, I don't want to sound like a wingeing persone but I would like to know. I was only been diagnosed with psp in May this year but hve at often times not been so good the rigidity is a common occurence for me as is chest problems now

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