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Hi Everyone, Des has been in hospital for 10 days now. I am seeing a social worker this afternoon and hope to get carers coming in when they send him home.If they need 2 carers to move him do they not see that 1 72year old is struggling at home?. Some days have been good but Sunday they said there were no pajamas but there were 3 pairs.Not life threatening to sleep in day clothes but another niggle for him.He is so desparate to get home but I need that help in place first,sorry Des.It seems assessments are always done in hospital but GPs District nurses physios speech therapists could surely do this without uprooting him

I am sure this is a better hospital than many but bell answering can be quite slow and the food,really important to Des is not exciting and his love of icecream is forbidden in case he chokes.They were thickening his drinks but I have managed to stop that a cup of tea with an overdose of thickener would make you gag to look at it.I am grateful to Jane Stein PSPA for helping get Des into hospital.Anyone out there who struggles please use that helpline.I discovered the pain in my shoulders went after Des had been away for a couple of days,BLISS!

I hope he will be happier today yesterday it felt like leaving an unhappy child,Px

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  • Hi Loppylugs, I hope the meeting goes well and you get what you require and want so Des can get home soon. I smiled when I read about the tea. The other day I went to pick my husband up from the hospice day centre. By the side of him was a tumbler with what looked like wall paper paste in it. I picked it up and asked him if he had been doing craft work and gluing something ( not likely as he wouldn't be able). A nurse came up behind me and told me it was lemon juice and she had gone to get a spoon to feed it to him. I had words!!!!


  • hi ;lopoylugs

    i am back on the sit enow an dam trying to catch yup with my emails and postings and sort out the OCADO order which comes tomorrow

    i have jus t been to a great TAI CHI class although the hall was freezing cold and i kept all my layer son including some light gloves which i had on

    sorruy i cannot be more helpful about Des and wjhagt happens nex t with him the systems seem 2 be v different in different parts of the country

    where r u based still in London are you ?

    lo l JHIll


  • Hi Jill, I'm sure you did need your gloves today, and you thermal underwear. We had a fluttering of snow for about half an hour this morning. Then the sun came out and I really felt like working in the garden until I opened the door; it's freezing so I quickly changed my mind.

    Stay warm.


  • hi nanna b

    yes it really has been v cold today - cold enough for snow as the saying goes!

    hanks for taking time to reply to me: i really appreciate that i u have been thinking of me on a daily basis

    it is good to know that i have such good friend s on this site!

    lol Jill


  • Hi Jill, lovely to hear from you again. Glad you have got your computer working, we have missed you!

    Lots of love


  • hi heady

    yes i am up and running again with a vengeance !

    lol jill

  • Hi Jill I am in he south west Nearest big hospital RUH Bath but Des is in Frome community hospital and most days are pretty good but no day is the same.At least I am educating people who have never heard of PSP.I tried Ocado who were charming but too keen to help me but i know a friend who only has one arm is really enthusiastic so glad you have their help.I think I am sorted with my hospital visit and Des's care is sorted too fingers crossed.Keep warm love Px

  • Well the social worker watched 2 young nurses getting him to the loo and back and said you must have two carers She wants 2 mornings and 2 evenings for me with nursing care while I go to hospital relief if she gets that.I just want to get myself sorted then I can devote myself to being a carer.Individuals are so nice, System is rubbish Glad for help tho Love o all psp and carers Px

  • Where are you loppylugs5? My husband fell, broken clavicle, 6 days in emergency and now has room in geriatric ward waiting assessments before being discharged home. He is fearful,family wants him home with more care from CLSC. We are in Montreal Quebec. He now needs 24/7 . We planned our retirement with the knowledge that we had a good Medicare system and that part of our needs in retirement would be taking care of. Not so.We will need to spend a large part of our income on care. Institution care is concerned mainly with safety and not quality of life. He needs to be with family to have some enjoyment in life and know that he is loved. I have health problems myself which makes it difficult for me to care for him. It takes so long to get care in place. Frustration, worry, fatigue, leading to borderline frustration is the result. Meanwhile he lays in a hospital bed with no stimulation.

  • Sorry , I meant borderline depression. Back to the hospital I do not like to leave him alone.he fell while in emergency. Wanted to get out of bed

  • I am in UK S West.Des too has fallen when waiting to be taken off the loo in hospital.They get so used to spouses being there in seconds if not moments and staff get so used to bells they just don't feel the urgency bad combination.Hope all goes well for you Px

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