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Removal of testicles

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Is the removal of testicle helping more to beat prostate cancer? Anyone had this experience?

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Paulo, so sad to hear this. Hormone treatment can also delay progression. The removal of the testicles also, but is irreversible, and the impact is hughe. Saudade.

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Paulo1968 in reply to Dionysos

Hi, I am not having that in my plans (yet). I am just asking how reliable that treatment is :-) In fact hormone treatment is doing good. PSA dropped to 0.01.

Hi Paulo. Here is a story of someone who have the surgery.

Best of luck my friend

The medicines are a little better at suppressing non-testicular androgens, but orchiectomy+Zytiga should be very complete.

For reducing testicular androgens there is nothing more complete than orchiectomy. I had mine removed for a variety of reasons. Still taking "Zytiga" for adrenal androgens.

Orchiectomy has less cardiac and other (forget which) side effects than drugs. Also I live far from MO and it takes basically a day to get a shot. If I ever get LU 177 and am "cured" I could restore testosterone with injections that I can do myself. My husband does them and I do Vit B myself so no problem with an injection if appropriate.

Hi Paulo1968. I finally had a bi-lateral orchiectomy last year and am very happy with no more Lupron. I had been on Lupron since 2014 so everything had atrophied completely and as I'm in my 70s there was no chance of recovering their use (I still have my prostate, BTW).

My only regret was not discussing prosthetics with the surgeon. I would really like to have something down there aside from a big flap of skin.

Bottom line (excuse the pun) I'm happy I did it.

Plus it is always an option in the future if you decide side effects from the chemical is no longer tolerable.

Here in the US there is a definite cost savings as well as Lupron is around $5,000US every 90 days (so about $1,000US with a 20% insurance co-pay for someone your age, unless you are poor enough to be on Federal Aid).

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