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At the beginning of all this

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I'm 59, diagnosed 2 months ago due to slightly elevated PSA (5.3), had MRI, then biopsy, G3+4. I've decided to go with RP. I think the surgery is a bit tougher up front, but I feel like over the midterm (2 years or so) I'll feel better about surgery than radiation I did have a lot of positive cores, so doctor isn't thinking there will be much nerve sparing, which is obviously of concern. I am gonna speak to him once more before surgery.

Mark in Boston

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Have you talked to Irving Kaplan at Beth Israel? I suggest you do before giving up on a sex life.

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MarkBarnes in reply to Tall_Allen

Then for that referral. My doctor is sending me to a guy named Caraquillo. I'll check out both. Thank u!

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MarkBarnes in reply to Tall_Allen

The radiololy oncologist that I've been speaking to is in the same practice as Kaplan (his name is Dr. Aronovitz). I have decided to go with PR, and my surgeon referred me to Dr. Carrasquillo, a BIDMC urologist in Needham who specializes in ED. I just met with him and I really liked him...for many many reason. The 2 major reasons I liked him were that he was both knowledgeable and perfect bedside manner, AND he was the 1st of ANY of the 12 doctors I've spoken with who asked me about current sex practices and orientation.

So even though our appointment was pre-op, we have a plan, and another appointment for 3 weeks post-op, so I feel I'm getting consistent medical attention regarding ED throughout this process.

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Best wishes to you. I’m hoping for complete cure.

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Hi Mark. I'm in Boston. Had RPabout a year ago. Let ne know if you wanna chat more. Frank here

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Keep us posted. Best of luck

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Hi Frank, thank you for your reply. I would be interested in chatting, and knowing what your situation was and is. I've been going back and forth between radiation and surgery and had opted for surgery, but am now finding the effects are gonna be worse that I was thinking.

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Hi Mark. I am 2 months in. Had mine on Oct 15 and getting better and better but not even sure that I haven’t even wrapped my head around what was going on. I don’t mind the ED right now but I’m sure it will matter soon. The incontinence is now very rare. And I am very happy I went the route that I did. At the time it did not seem to be so great but when I look back on it I feel it was the right thing to do. At first, I spoke to my doctor (surgeon) about the options and that same day I was going to speak to somebody about radiation. But after I spoke to him I decided to go for the surgery. I am very happy with my decision. But I have also had the luxury to have a good company for disability. So I have had time to recoup with two more weeks to go. Whatever the case, hang in there keep the chat going.

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Boston1967 in reply to MarkBarnes

Hi Mark,

I’m in Boston also. Had my RP 4 months ago at DFCI/BWH. I’d be happy to chat also. I’m just now looking into penis rehab programs, mostly because of this site which I only found 3 days ago! My doctors were good, but there have been no discussions about me being single, gay and sexually active. I had a terrible time getting my insurance to cover the post op Cialis but finally got approval for 10 pills of 20mg per month for 6 months. My orgasms have been varied from very intense to mediocre at best. Best of luck to you with your decision.


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Hi Mark, Sounds like your recovery is going well. Trust your healing continues full and timely. Best, Tim

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Hello Mark, How is your post RP recovery going re ED?

Since you said you had little to no nerve sparing I am

very interested as I am in the same situation. I was very

challenged deciding bet surgery and radiation as I

think you were also.

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