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Things can be very positive

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Hi everyone

55 from France bisexual man with prostate cancer diagnosis in March 2020 and eventually operated in July 2021 with a RP

Would like to testify that even with the normal fears before surgery and so many questions about consequences things can be more better than expected

I had zero incontinence and had already had sex with my man partner and got good erections

My surgeon is probably a top one and tried to do his best to keep all the natural conditions each man would like to keep after surgery and I am so grateful to him

Just would like to testimony that even if the lite is no more the same as before it can be quite a very good one

I am ready to answer your questions and if could be of any support I will really enjoy

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Bienvenu au group. Glad to see that your results are so good!

It's good to hear from somebody in France. I'm from England and was on holiday in France just last month, with plans for another short trip in September. Had such a good time!

Great too that you have had such an outstanding result from your surgery. We know of course that this is not always possible, however skilled the surgeon. My own RP took place exactly 5 years ago and left me with disastrous and permanent incontinence and erectile disfunction although these have since been somewhat mitigated by further surgical procedures.

But regardless of these issues, life is really good again now and sex continues with necessary adaptations, and while appreciating that not everyone is going to be as fortunate, I share the upbeat tone of your message

I am new to the group, I had my RP about 3 weeks ago....My incontinence in the beginning was like the flood gates of my penis opened up....I wore the depends and was changing them quite a bit during the day. I learned to limit my intake of water and stopped drinking my green tea. I've since been able to switch to the pads during the day and at night wear the depends to bed. I am able to pee normally and then there are times im just a dribbler and i dribble in my pants. So thank goodness for the pads...I've been doing the kegals and bought a tens unit that stimulates the pelvic muscles. I try to do that twice a day for 20 minutes...I am hoping it gets better..

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