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follow up on ADT Formula



I posted the question recently about ADT formula and side effects. I was on Lupron, and then we tried Trelstar and I found the side effects - especially hot flashes - markedly increased. SO I asked to switched back to Lupron.

There is a shortage of Lupron ? Really - does anyone know about that ?

So we went with Eligard for this round.

I did bring up the thought about Orchiectomy which I first heard about here - and their reaction was that is was quite usual and there is a whole program and study that they have at University of Chicago - it is a teaching hospital and a nurse representative came into the room and gave me a lot of information about what they were doing. I had no idea. At this point I am doing reading and may have a consult with the surgeon - need to think about this as an option. My cancer produced bone Mets and my Oncologist said that I will be on ADT for the rest of my life - or this Orchiectomy option.

I would so like to hear from anyone who chose this option.


Best to all

Be well


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Here's a recent thread on it:

Yes, there is a Lupron shortage. Eligard is the same chemical. You can ask for the new Orgovyx tablets too.

You can try the following for hot flashes (which will continue following castration): acupuncture. estrogen patches, Megace patches, or venlafaxine

pjd55d in reply to Tall_Allen

As usual TA, you are the man with the info - thankswhen I read through the thread I learned so much and of course the humor made it all the more valuable - I try to laugh - keeps me from running through the streets screaming


My new oncologist had the same initial reaction. However, orchiectomy is apparently common in Europe. I was given the option by my diagnosing urologist when I first discussed treatments for stage 4, metastasized to bone, PC. Due to high Gleason scores, I was not expected to survive more than a few years and as I was caregiver for my parents at the time I opted for Lupron. Now that I'm supposed to live about another decade I want the operation so I can eliminate one drug and hopefully have less intense side effects -- especially the PMS the week before my shot, as my hormone levels should stay the same after the operation.

As a 71 yo, I'm also asking for an ablation procedure to help me pee better, be done at the same time.

Still waiting for call from surgeon to schedule both procedures.

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