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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men

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Prostate Cancer in Brazil

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I am new here. I am a single gay male, a citizen of the USA and a permanent resident of Brazil. . I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October. I have opted for external radiation therapy. Yesterday, 12/27/2019 I had a bone scintigraphy to determine if the cancer has spread. I look forward to support from this community. Thank you!

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Hello Caucaia,

Welcome to the group. I joined a couple of years ago, which was still years after my RP. Even though I didn’t know about Health Unlocked when I was diagnosed and living the trauma of treatment, I still find the group rewarding.

The circumstances are different for each of us. Sometime I reply, sometimes I do not. One thing for sure is I always read the posts and have learned a lot and don’t feel so alone on the journey.

Best wishes ...


What were your biopsy results?


Welcome to the group.

All the best with your treatment.

May 2020 bring you joy.


Welcome and good luck to you. I had 35 sessions of the EBR with no bad side effects. Make sure you have it done where they are very experienced as you do not want any damage done to the bowel or bladder. Follow the instructions carefully about drinking the water with the correct timing and all.

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Thank you for the encouragement! There are two hospitals here dedicated only to cancer. I will be treated at one that started in 1975. They have new and advanced medical equipment. The first doctor I consulted wanted to use his NEW robot that was located in an other clinic. He was like a saleman. I asked him about sex and problems with sex and he said that I could take cialis...I replied that I am passivo (bottom) and he kinda stuttered, looked at his watch and said he had to go. The next doctor was very calm and experienced, answered all my questions and provided information about radiotherapia. The treatment is 37 times for 5 min sessions and is paid by the national health system of brasil. The doctor ordered a bone scan to make sure the cancer had not spread. Waiting for holidays to end to I can start treatment.

Wishing you the best.

And this. Community will support you and walk beside you in your journey. Boa fortuna!

The more I know the better I am able to make choices for my body and my cancer. We are all unique and need to discover those things that work for us as individuals. Take one step at a time. Keep asking the right questions and get the information you need to make a decision. Don't underestimate the roles of nutrition, exercise, spirituality and various other therapies. I recently returned to practicing mindfulness in a much more intense manner and it has helped my anxiety as well as promoting more restful sleep. You are not alone! Much peace and love to you during your journey!

Hey Caucaia, Welcome to the group. I have had a prostatectomy, rt and finishing up a year of ADT. The RT was actually pretty easy after a couple days of getting used to the prep stuff. You are in good company on here, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Caucaia, Welcome, count on me for support. Happy new year

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