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Prostate Cancer Status

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How would I find a gay prostate cancer support group in Denver, Colorado?

I am eight months into a Prostate Clinical Study at the Urology Clinic of Colorado.

Every three months I receive a Lupron injection, which stops the production of testosterone, which the cancer is feeding on to grow. My PSA was 15, but now it is 0.50.

I am starting today my 5th week of nine weeks a series – five days a week of radiation therapy to stop the growth of cancer by eliminating its ability to split and grow new cells.

A prognosis is to continue on the Lupron shots for another year, while watching the PSA number. It is projected that by monitoring the number, I should be free of prostate cancer within two or three years.

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I assume you googled and couldn't find one. You may have to start one.

Hi Ted, There are a couple 3 or 4 of us here in Denver that I know of.

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Teddski in reply to TimCo

Hi Tim, Is there anyway to get a Denver gay discussion group started? I am in my fifth week of radiation and have some strange side effects? Tedd

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TimCo in reply to Teddski

Hi Tedd, Not sure right now. Im not a great organizer or initiator.

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Teddski in reply to TimCo

How would I find the groups? I have contacted the Denver Health & Hospital info and the Gay & Lesbian Center, but no one seems to know if there exist.

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Malecare will ENthusiastically help everyone start a Gay Men and Prostate Cancer support group...we've got 21 years of experience with that. Contact me at darrylm at

It is weird how these groups start. My Urologist had a group for all men and after the first 5 or 6 months it seemed you heard the same thing all the time. I go to a gay church and there were three of us with PCa and we would have coffee together and talk about our therapies. One member died, the other moved away. I use Male-care / Health-unlocked for my group because it is different all the time with new ideas and drugs on the market. I no longer have PCa and I am very grateful for the help I have received. So get involved in your community and you will fine other men with similar problems. It was good for me to get out of myself and do other things keeping busy. We have a senior gay group here in Orlando with many members who have PCa. So if you have any questions we can give it a try here at Health-Unlocked and remember to just keep truckin'.

Hey Tedd, I have been in touch with one other man here in Denver who I met thru Malecare. Other than that there was one other but we were unable to connect due

to schedules etc. The Urology Clinic has two Pca support groups I've been told; one for older and one for younger men. Perhaps there is something there for us both. Other than you men and the other two guys I have not seen any other postings from Denver or Colorado. If I can support you in any way please reach out here and let me know.

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Teddski in reply to TimCo

Hi Tim,

The Urology Center of Denver only has one support group for prostate cancer. In the meetings that I have attended, it is always a lecture by one of the doctors. It is attended by guys in their 70's and 80's along with their wives or daughters.

There is nothing as to a gay prostate cancer support group.


Hi Tedd, I had heard of the one support group and yes it's older with wives and did not find it helpful or supportive. So we're pretty much on our own unless either we individually or together want to create a physical local support group. In my 3 years on HealthUnlocked I've noted you, me, and 2 other guys, only. Pretty small cohort altho there are likely others out there but not visible.

Hi Tim,

I have been trying without much success to see if the prostate support group could meet at the G&L Center. I have sent two e-mail, but no return. I will try calling her midweek.

In messaging with Darryl he has offered to help set up the group once a location is determined. He said the meeting should be about an hour, but no more than 90 minutes. It would be a support group to share and not a lecture. He also noted that a bathroom should be easily located. If need be I will host the group meetings in my apartment because I feel so strongly about it. Checking on-line there is a prostate cancer support group that meets the last Tuesday of the month at some condo location in east Boulder. Thee are also prostate cancer support groups in both Ft. Collins and Pueblo.

I am one of the few Denver area guys and I am also a TUCC patient. I have attended 2 or 3 of their meetings, but I really didn't feel like it is right for me. I would probably be interested in following if a group forms. It is a pretty lonely disease we have.

Hi Tim – As also a TUCC patient, I really felt the “prostate cancer support group" was really a session for patients with their wives and daughters to listen to a lecture by one of the staff doctors. I seemed to be a complete waste of my time.

I started doing a search for a gay member prostate cancer support group, but only found straight groups located in Boulder, Fort Collins and Pueblo.

I contacted the G&L Center here in Denver and finally received an e-mail from Kelley, the CFO that I could host meetings for a support group with a charge “of less than a dollar per person."

I have been in contact with Terri Likowski <> about a “Prostate Cancer Forum for Gay Men and Their Partners.” It will start in late June so I am trying to get additional information. He is out of town this week, but sent and e-mail “about starting an in person meeting for gay men in Denver. “

I have also been in contact with Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW about starting up the group with a message “We'll be happy to help.”

So it may take some time, but I have the ball rolling and will start a gay men prostate cancer support group if I even need to host in my living room. I know one other gay guy who is also a patient at TUCC. I believe there may be many guys looking for some kind of support dealing with prostate cancer.

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