I had the surgery 5 years ago. I now have the usual ED thing in which no treatment has worked to get me "erectiled" again. Dating has been interesting to say the least. Once guys learn the cock does not get hard, they accuse me of not being attracted to them , or worse, "Oh, I am not interested". I am single, lonely and want meet a man with substance

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  • Congrats on the 5 years!!! Luckily I'm married to an awesome man who has helped me through this but he wasn't always "there for me". I used to be almost exclusively top but I've learned to b a good bottom!!!! Hang in there buddy!

  • Have you tried injections? Properly injected they might help.

  • Wow..there are so many spots on a body for pleasure then just intercourse

    most of the fun an sensual pleasure is exploreing these spots an coming back to them....again again....

    Top bottom are ego should be fun adventoures an exciting

    They skin to skin contact the intimate nature alone the hugging an closeness

    It's the same as a climax long as you are being stimulated an pleasured

    stimulation can come from many many places..I for one love to explore..

    But I fully understand ...some men won't have sex with me because I have to inject.?

    Your a stunning man..only a fool would turn a chance like that down.?


  • You sure just haven't met the right guy yet, be positive and keep your head up..I know how difficult it is, most men just don't care to take their time to understand the problem, it's very frustrating for sure, not being able to get hard, leaking and other issues are all things we have to face...little do they know the real you, with feelings , desires, compassion, love and respect, I wish you luck and meantime be true to yourself and your hugs and all the good stuff...

  • My friend, in my opinion the problem is not yours. If the men you are dating can not take the time to appreciate ALL that is you then you probably don't want to be with them anyway. There is a lot more to a successful relationship than an erection. Wishing you the best....

  • I've had sexual dysfunction of more than one type for many years before prostate cancer. It took until I was 39 to find someone who stayed. They're out there; I know they can be hard to find. I wish you the best in your search.

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