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Meeting Up at the Prostate Cancer Conf in NY

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Is anyone who lives in NY or is planning on going to the conference interested in meeting on the 4th (the Friday evening before the conference) or the 5th (Saturday after the conference)?

It would be a nice opportunity to meet in person.

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Yes, that’s terrific! I’m available either or both days. How do we share connection information. I am in Brooklyn.

I can meet on Friday, late afternoon or happy hour. Would u like to make specific plans and we'll see if others want to join? Do u work in Manhattan? Know a convenient place? (I used to hang out at the Omni Bershire...I think E52, and they have a great happy hour, albeit with Manhattan prices).

I am retired so my time is fluid. Julius’s in the West Village (10th and Waverly Place) is a fun place (lively/noisy) but a good gay vibe. If Omni is near your work that’s fine with me. I’m open.

It would be fun to have a group meetup.


Darryl prefers to meet on Saturday after the conference which is fine. I'm open to meeting on Friday as well, you seem to have found some fun places to go. Would you like to make firm plans for Friday, and whoever wants to join us can. And then those who are interested to meet up after the conference on Saturday, can do that as well.

Should we mark a spot in the sand and say Friday at 5 at whatever location you think is best?

How about The Gay Community Center in West 12 St. It’s a couple blocks walk to Julius’s.


U want to confirm for Friday?

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The conference is near grand central station. Why not plan to meet at the end of the conference 6pm and travel together to wherever

I think meeting on Friday Is better so we meet before the conference. If thats ok, I'm fine with meeting anywhere, one of you can call it

I like both ideas- Friday at 5 and meeting at and after the Saturday conference.


LGBTQ Community Center (Lobby). 5 PM

208 West 13th Street

Walk to Julius’s

159 West 10th Street (corner of Waverly Place and 10th Street)

I’m thinking of the meeting as an opportunity to meet some of our fellow brothers before the conference and have some fun and share our experiences.

I don’t know how we can keep in touch except by messages on this site.


I'm down for Friday! I do have late dinner plans so would have to leave by 7pm. Saturday I'm free anytime after conference.

See u then! Let's see if others are interested on either day.

Great! It’s about a 10 minute walk from the Center to Julius’s. It’s a cash bar (no credit cards) drinks are inexpensive (happy hour).

I’ll meet you in the Center’s lobby at 5. We can be more specific as to how we will recognize each other.

It will be a fun meeting.


Sunday, September 28,2019

Hi Mark,

I have not seen any other takers on meeting Friday at 5PM at the LGBTQ Center (208 West 13th Street) and heading off to Julius’s (159 West 10th Street).

I agree to be at the LGBTQ Center at 5PM and stay until 5:15 to meet any guys who may show up and have not responded to this website. I’ll be in the lobby (near the front desk) wearing an orange baseball cap.

If your plans have changed - please let me know.


I'll be there. We can each make another post inviting locals and visiting conferees to join if they wish.


Hello fellow conferees,

If you would like to meet on Friday, October 4 at 5PM at the LGBTQ Center on West 13th Street and head on to Julius’s at Waverly Place and West 10th Street please come on board. It’s an opportunity to meet fellow conferees before our big day on Saturday. Follow the previous threads which gives the address of the LGBTQ Center and Julius’s. It would be fun to meet up ahead of Saturday and have a night in the GAY west village. We’ll be at the Center until 5:15PM before heading off to Julius’s. I’ll be wearing an orange baseball cap so you’ll see me at the Center or at Julius’s. Come on by! John

I'll see you later today. I'm planning to meet at LGBTQ on W12, but if I'm running late I'll see u at Julius. Shoot me a text to 617.504.1114.

Any other New Yorkers or visitors interested in joining us on 10/4/19 to meet prior to the conference.....LGBTQ Center on W12th at 5pm

Im running a little late, see u at julius. I'm tall with a lime green backpack.

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